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Have you ever been playing a video game and came face to face with an annoying character? The annoying character hangs around for part of the game and then disappears... if you're lucky.... I guess the makers thought the character was annoying too or something. Some characters are just too annoying for me. Below, I am going to give you 7 most annoying video game characters …

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Miles Tails Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Miles Tails Prower from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Photo Credit: beckysonicfan

I know, I like Tails. Tails is one cute fox, but at the same time, I despise how Tails cannot keep up with Sonic! Tails is really nothing to the other player, because Tails lags behind and just gets pulled.


Baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island

Baby Mario from Yoshi’s Island “Waah – Waah – Waah!” Come on baby Mario! You keep annoying the heck out of me every time you fall off of Yoshi’s back. I am going to get you, but you make it even more annoying when you cry! In the new Yoshi game on the DS, I noticed they softened his voice a bit. Thank goodness! But he is still annoying. Mario, I am a huge fan of yours, but gosh, you are such a darn cry baby sometimes!


Navi from the Legend of Zelda

Navi from the Legend of Zelda All I am going to say is does this one ever shut up? He goes on and on – I don’t have all day for this. Just shut up so I can play the game already!


Tingle from Zelda in Windwaker

Tingle from Zelda in Windwaker This is a new addition to Zelda. He is obsessed with forest fairies. He wants to become a fairy and I don’t know why he’s annoying, he just is! Look at him… annoying!


Ashley from Resident Evil 4

Ashley from Resident Evil 4 Every time a bad guy gets near her, she complains. Help Leon – heeelp – I mean, seriously, put a sock in it already, Ashley! So annoying!


Blue Shell from Mario Kart

Blue Shell from Mario Kart Not really a character, but nonetheless, it takes place in the middle of my game! I’m ahead in the game – I’m going to win – so close to winning. What’s that behind me? Oh no, tell me that isn’t the blue shell! Nooooo – Needless to say, I didn’t win. Darn blue shell!


Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing

Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing Man, come on! I know I didn’t save the game and I did it on purpose! He stresses this fact way too much. He obviously travels around jumping down people’s throats whenever they turn off the system without saving. I wish there is a way to skip this one! Go back underground, you mole!

There you have my 7 Most Annoying Video Game Characters. I still have something against Mr. Resetti! I know I turned my last game off and I just do not want to turn it on again and see that darned old mole griping at me because I forgot to save. Okay, so there you go. Which character annoys you the most, and why?

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Navi should be number one! Oh god! Ashley...there where many times I printed out a picture of her just so I could rip it to shreds. I honestly hate her so much! I'm suprised Raiden from Metal Gear Solid isn't on this list.

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