8 Pieces of Really Weird Twilight Merchandise...You'll Never Believe It!

Okay, so Stephanie Meyers had a great idea when she dreamt up the Twilight series, and the books are pretty brilliant. The films? Even more so...it’s a great storyline, and amazing eye candy too. So wanting some merchandise isn’t a crime...there have even been some quite cool twilight-inspired clothing around! But some things take it too far. Just check out these odd eight objects...

1. ‘Love at First Bite’ –the Twilight Cook Book

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Price: $14 at amazon.com
Okay, maybe some people can understand why they decided to make a cook book...but one this bad?! Not only are there hardly any pictures, but there are typos and the quotes from the book are a little off. The recipes include classics such as ‘Bellas Lasagna’ and ‘Harry’s Fish Pie’, and most of them have nothing to do with the book. The recipes aren’t great, and it’s like reading a child’s made up book...and come on, what on earth does it have to do with Twilight?!

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