7 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real ...


7 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real ...
7 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real ...

Mythical creatures have always made me say wow I wish they were here. However, if some were hear they would cause some bad chaos. I made this blog to give you a idea of some neat mystical creatures that I wish were here. Here is my 7 Mythical Creatures We Wish Were Real …

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The Pegasus

The Pegasus Photo Credit: dujarandille

The Pegasus is a mythical creature that is a horse that has wings. They can fly across seas and to get away from prey. You will find that many stories state they used them to attack there enemy from above.


The Centaur

The Centaur Photo Credit: Atelier Teee

Centaur is a mystical creature that is half man and horse. They have four legs and have a human body with arms and head. They were fierce warriors in battle and often killed for the way they looked.


The Treant

The Treant Photo Credit: azrainman

Trent’s are living trees. They are keepers of the forest and keep the forest free of harm. If they were alive today, do you think we be chopping them down? Needless to say, they won’t go down easy.


The Hydra

The Hydra Photo Credit: phoenixxx9000

The hydra is known as the dragon précis killed with medusa head. They have 3 heads at first, but if you decide to chop one off it multiplies. Hard to defeat and would be a neat mythical creature to see.



Cerberus Photo Credit: StewieD

I always like the underworld of Hades and his neat guard dog. Cerberus is the keeper of the gate to hell and helps guard the souls from leaving. This three headed dog with huge fangs. If I was a soul wanting to leave, I would reconsider.


The Minotaur

The Minotaur Photo Credit: jpguk

The Minotaur is a huge creature that is half bull and human. More bull then human, the creature rams just like a bull and has more power, because of its massive body. It also has huge bull horns on its head and hooves for feet.


The Phoenix

The Phoenix Photo Credit: Ryan McCurdy

This mystical creature is my favorite and would love to see. The Phoenix is a bird that was able to breathe fire. The creature is based in Greek mythology and Egyptian. They live over hundred years old and they can renew themselves by lighting a bon fire and sitting in it. When the fire burned out it was a new young bird. Quiet interesting story and wish it was here today.

There are tons more mystical creatures I would like to see and way too many to list in one blog. If these creatures were alive today it would be amazing sight. Do you have a mystical creature you would like to see?

Top Photo Credit: College of William & Mary

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I'd love to see Unicorns and Fairies definitely. I do like the idea of seeing a Phoenix though. I love mythical creatures and I thought this was a great thing to share :)

Cool! I'd like to see mermaids, they've been my favorite mythical creature ever since I first saw them in The Little Mermaid.

Dragon & Griffins i like to see them real one day but they are my favorite too.....

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