8 Weirdest Burial Rituals ...

I bet grooving and shaking with your deceased friend or turning a family member into a huge diamond has never crossed your mind, right? Well, you are definitely not the only one. And how about hiring a bunch of strippers to heat things up at your uncle George’s wake? Yup, our colorful planet is filled with different traditions and, if you want to know how strange they can really get, keep reading because I’m about to list 8 of them.

1. Three Strippers and a Funeral

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Photo Credit: ydhsu

Nope, it’s not a new hit comedy, strip shows are actually quite normal for funerals in China. I’ll risk sounding disrespectful by saying it’s kind of like an MTV sweet 16 party – the more people you have, the more popular you are. Having a lot of people attending someone’s funeral means the person was wealthy and is supposed to bring luck, so families of the deceased are prepared to really put themselves out there just to attract more people. And if that means hiring strippers, so be it!

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