7 Cool Posts on the Paranormal ...


7 Cool Posts on the Paranormal ...
7 Cool Posts on the Paranormal ...

I have been writing another blog, which many of you may not have gotten the chance to read yet. That’s okay though, because I am going to pick through and tell you some of my favorite ones that I have written so far. I am going to give you 7 cool posts on the paranormal …

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Aliens I really liked writing this one. I got to tell 5 facts on aliens. If you are looking for some facts on aliens or if this is a topic that interests you, then feel free to go and visit it. After all, it’s only a click away!


Haunted Places Did you know the Tower of London is amongst the 5 most haunted places on my list? I’m not going to tell you what else is amongst the most haunted places, because then that would take away from my other blog I have written. Instead, you could just go there.


Feng Shui I recently wrote a Feng Shui post for Allwomenstalk, but it hasn’t been put up yet. With that Feng Shui post, I would also like you to take a look at the five elements of feng shui, written by me.


Paranormal Facts Many of you do not know this and I wouldn’t expect you to know it, unless I told you so. I really enjoy the paranormal world. I invite you to look at my paranormal facts blog posting that I have written.


Why do People Read Their Horoscope? Seriously, why do people read their horoscope in the first place? Well, I have come up with five reasons why people read their horoscope.


Pumpkins Did you know I have an obsession with pumpkins? I do, which is one of the reasons why I like Halloween so much. If you would like to know some reasons I have an obsession with pumpkins, feel free to take a look. Oh and I know it’s almost Christmas, but I still have pumpkins around here …


Aliens I like aliens. Aliens are cool. They do exist, you know! I wrote a blog with a list of 5 alien movies. Aren’t you interested in seeing it? Of course you are.

There you have 7 cool posts on the paranormal. Don’t you enjoy reading about paranormal stuff from time to time? Even if you don’t believe in it, it is still fun to read. I have been into the paranormal world ever since I was little. All though high school, I remember studying paranormal things and that taste for the unique has continued well into my adult life (7 years after high school). So, which post do you like the most?

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They are interesting posts. But I really want to know when did the alliens come here and bitten by the dog?Who was that superdog?

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