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8 Beliefs of the Afterlife from around the World ...

By Melanie

In no way am I what they would call a “religious freak.” However, I do like to research religion and look at them from different perspectives. I’m probably going to be criticized for this one, but I do not believe that one single religion is the right religion nor do I believe in telling someone they are going to go to Hell simply because they do not believe in whatever I believe. Personally, I have been at the butt end of those remarks before. We all are entitled to have our own beliefs. I like to look at things with an open mind. Right now, I want to give you 8 beliefs of the afterlife from around the world …

8 Christianity

Christianity Photo Credit: ... Arjun

Ah, yes, Christianity. In this category, we have Protestants, Catholics, Baptists and other Christians. What do they believe? They believe that the way we conduct our lives on earth (how we act), will determine where we will go in the afterlife. You have Hell, which is for the wicked and then you have Heaven, which is for the good. The Catholic church claims that there is purgatory, which is in between Heaven and Hell. Some believe that you have a certain amount of time you spend in purgatory, then your spirit will be cast into Heaven. The Protestants, which are also in the Christian category do not accept purgatory.

7 Buddhism

Buddhism Photo Credit: Wonderlane

Are any of you familiar with Buddhism? Buddhism believes in karma and reincarnation. What keeps us bound to the process of death and rebirth is desire. Desire is a sense of craving. The Buddhist term for liberation is Nirvana. Literally speaking, Nirvana means extinction. It is referring to the extinction of all cravings. An extinction that is going to allow one to become liberated. There is so much more that I can say about this religion, but I have to move on to number 6.

6 Hinduism

Hinduism Photo Credit: rpusala

In Hinduism, the soul is part of a jiva. A jiva is a limited being. Hinduism believes in the rebirth and reincarnation of souls. Death is not an end. It is a natural process during which the jiva recuperated, reassembles, adjusts its course and returns back to earth. In Hinduism, unless the soul is liberated, neither life nor afterlife is going to be permanent.

5 Wiccan

Wiccan Photo Credit: dragonoak

This is one of my favorite religions. With Wiccans, the belief in afterlife will vary. It is traditional for Wiccans to believe in reincarnation, but this belief is not universal. Some believe that we reincarnate into the same species over many lives. We are reincarnated in order to learn lessons. It is also so we will advance in spirituality. Then, you have many Wiccans that believe the soul is reincarnated into different species. However, amongst Wiccans, there is a popular saying – “Once a with, always a with.” Those who believe in reincarnation believes the soul is resting between lives in the Summerland.

4 Judaism

Judaism Photo Credit: Yossef.Sofrim

Jewish literature and sacred texts do not have much to say about what happens after the human bodies dies. To non-Jewish people, this may be a bit surprising, since other religions elaborate about afterlife. Judaism is more focused on their actions than their beliefs. The Torah describes the afterlife in terms that are on the vague side. A common theme is that death means rejoining with the ancestors.

3 Shinto

Shinto Photo Credit: jasohill

Shinto is an ancient Japanese religion. This religion, like Judaism, does not give much details of the afterlife. In the religious text, you will find discussion of the “Dark Land” and the “High Plain of Heaven.”

2 Scientology

Scientology Photo Credit: GrungeTextures

Okay, so where do Scientologists believe we go when we die? This is another one of my favorite religions. Take note that this is not a faith or belief based system. There is no specific teachings about our creator (God). Therefore, it is left up to the individual to understand the creator as much as they can. Scientology is a bit like Buddhism. Reincarnation is accepted as a possibility with this religion. However, this is not a belief that is taught in scientology. An individual is free to accept or reject the belief of reincarnation.

1 Islam

Islam Photo Credit: Algeria888 ( looking for a new camera!)

This is also one of my favorite religions. There is so much that I could say about this religion of peace. Just as Christianity does, Islam teaches the continued existence of our soul as well as the transformed physical existence after death. Muslims believe that there will be a day when all humans are going to be divided. Some will be sent to Hell, while others will be sent to Paradise. This day is known as the Day of Judgment. On the Last Day, Allah will raise the Jinn and all people from the dead. We all will be judged. The Last Day is also known as the Day of Standing up, Day of Reckoning, Day of Awakening, Day of Separation, etc. Those who are bound for Hell will suffer while in their graves. Those who are bound for Heaven are going to be in peace until that time arrives. The resurrection is physical and explained that God will re-crated the decayed bodies. The destination will depend on the deeds that were done in life. You will either have permission to enter into Paradise or be condemned to Hell. The day of judgement is described as passing over a small bridge. That small bridge is going over Hell. You are passing over this small bridge in order to enter into Paradise. Those that are weighed down by bad deeds will fall. The Qur’an gives two exceptions to the rule. Those warriors that die fighting in God’s cause will be sent to God’s presence immediately. The enemies of Islam are sentences immediately to Hell.

Those are Beliefs of the Afterlife from Around the World. Like I said, I have many different beliefs. My three favorite religions are Wiccan, Scientology and Islam. I am very open minded when it comes to religion and unless you make fun of what I believe, I will not make fun of what you believe. Like I said, we are all open to our own opinions and to be honest with you, we can never be sure. There is no full proof, I’m talking one hundred percent proof that one religion is the right religion. So, what is your belief in the afterlife.

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