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10 Major Mistakes in 'the Tudors' ...

By Alison

Have you watched the series "The Tudors"? It was certainly an entertaining programme, but being very familiar with this period of English history, I noticed a number of factual errors. These might not matter to most people, but when you've studied the era, it can be quite irritating to think that people will believe that the mistakes are facts! Here are some of the mistakes I picked out, and a few other things I think they got wrong.

1 Chronology

Maybe it's a necessity for dramatic purposes, but time was really messed with here. Actors were too young or too old (no way was Jonathan Rhys Meyer old enough to have an adult daughter!), and events happened at the wrong point.

2 Anne Boleyn's Eyes

Anne Boleyn's EyesPhoto Credit: dodobear1020

This is a minor niggle, as in every other way Natalie Dormer's superb portrayal of Anne is exactly as I would have imagined her to be. However, Dormer has blue eyes, and Anne was known for her dark eyes, at a time when blue-eyed blondes were considered desirable.

3 Henry VIII

Henry VIIIPhoto Credit: Sheep purple

The cliched image of Henry is as an obese old man, when for much of his life he was active and considered very handsome. However, it was a major mistake to cast Jonathan Rhys Meyer, he just didn't have the authority of the King, and was far too young to play him until the end of his life.

4 The King's Sisters

Henry had two sisters, Mary and Margaret. The series combined them into one character. This meant that Margaret didn't marry the King of Scotland, and didn't become the grandmother of Mary Stuart. Although this had no bearing on the events in"The Tudors", which stopped with the death of Henry, it is a major discrepancy.

5 Wolsey's Death

Wolsey's DeathPhoto Credit: fluxxus1

Having Wolsey commit suicide while on his way to be arrested for treason might have made for a dramatic scene, but it didn't actually happen. The Cardinal died of natural causes, which did probably save him from execution.

6 Henry Fitzroy

In the series, Henry's illegitimate son dies at the age of around 5 or 6. This was presumably intended as a plot device to remind the King of the need for a male heir, but in reality Fitzroy survived until his late teens, although still predeceasing his father.

7 Henry and Anne of Cleves

Henry and Anne of ClevesPhoto Credit: Swamibu

After his marriage to Katherine Howard, Henry asks her predecessor Anne of Cleves if he can sleep with her. Anne allows him to do so. This is highly implausible, given that Henry rejected Anne for being physically unappealing to him, and Anne was happy to agree to the divorce.

8 Murder!

The Mary/Margaret character is shown murdering her first husband, the elderly King of Portugal, whom she finds repugnant. The real Mary married the King of France, who was indeed rather old and died barely a few months after the wedding, but it is hard to believe that the Queen would have resorted to murder to hasten his demise.

9 Just a Few Words !

Just a Few Words !Photo Credit: ell brown

Katherine Howard's execution scene shows her making a speech in which she declares "I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpeper (one of her lovers)". It was long believed that she had made this speech, but there is no evidence that she did and it has been discredited. Condemned people would make a speech praising the King and admitting that they deserved their fate, for fear of their family suffering if they angered him.

10 Double Your Chances !

Both Anne's brother George and the musician Thomas Tallis are shown as bisexual, having affairs with both men and women. There is no evidence to support this, but presumably it was introduced to add even more spice.

Now, I must say that I did actually enjoy the series (although the first two were the best), and they did use a lot of speech known to have been made by the characters. To be fair, it is impossible to be 100% true to facts when making a film or series based on historical events. Ultimately it is entertainment, and not a documentary. Do you find such inaccuracies annoying?

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