7 Awesome Robot Personalities ...


7 Awesome Robot Personalities ...
7 Awesome Robot Personalities ...

According to every movie and television show creator from twenty years ago, the world should have been run by robots by now. But alas, we're stuck in a world where humans still rule. Still, we do get some great robots on screen, even when they can't be in real life. The following are the 7 most awesome robots in the history of our human world!

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Wall-E: Wall-E

Wall-E: Wall-E Photo Credit: mochi3139.com

Wall-E is the little engine that could of today. He's the world's cutest trash compacter that really just wants some love. How could you not love this little guy that sees wonder in everything?


R2D2: Star Wars

R2D2: Star Wars Photo Credit: smokebelch

Although R2D2 communicates through beeping that needs to be interpreted by C3PO and other movie characters, we still can't help but love that little guy. He hacks in to computers, sends out holograms, and basically kicks all kinds of butt. For that, R2D2 has earned his spot on our countdown.


Fender: Robots

Fender: Robots Photo Credit: Greg Bartlett

With Robin Williams as your voice how could you be anything but hilarious? He sings, he dances, he cracks jokes at really inappropriate times and he tried to rob the main character of the film. But, for a robot he's a pretty good guy. He opened up his house to Rodney and helped him defeat the bad guys, and all while falling apart!


Bender: Futurama

Bender: Futurama Photo Credit: JScullin

Bender is the worst role model robot on the list. He swears, he steals, he smokes, and he's inappropriate, but that's what makes him great. If Bender were a person in the real world, we would have condemned him to a life in prison by now. But, instead we'll laugh at his robotic exploits whenever we're up to watch him on Adult Swim.


Optimus Prime: Transformers

Optimus Prime: Transformers Photo Credit: ELTMAN

Optimus Prime is the original B.A.M.F... he turns in to a friggin semi-truck. He's an intergalactic traveler and he's the leader of a super B.A. group of robot/car/fighter machines. And to top it all off, he's humble and self sacrificing. If Optimus Prime couldn't make this list, no robot could.


Fembots: Austin Powers

Fembots: Austin Powers Photo Credit: k.a. gilbert

How could you not love a robot date that could kill you in a split second? While they are kind of... ok, REALLY... cheesy you have to admit that the fembot is a pretty awesome robot. They're gorgeous, can imitate human life and shoot bullets from their bras. All in all, the fembots kick a lot of butt.


Sonny: I, Robot

Sonny: I, Robot Photo Credit: Rudolph!

Sonny is an awesome robot because he's a unique robot. He dreams, he has emotion, and he can ignore orders. So, we've basically made him a human being with super awesome robo-capabilities. One thing is for sure though, if I were going up against a super evil super computer, I would want Sonny by my side.

Well ladies, these are my favorite robots of all time, who are a few of yours? Did they all make the list? Have a I missed any incredible robots that deserve a spot on the list? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: _zenn

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