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Television is one of America's real favorite pass times and yet every time you go to watch your favorite show, you wind up seeing more commercials than programming. It's massively annoying, unless you happen to see a commercial that's really funny or really entertaining. Like one of the following. Here is my list of the 7 commercial personalities that make those million minute breaks worth it!

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Flo: Progressive

We've all seen her. She rides motorcycles, sounds motherly and even gets a little bit awkward at times. But no matter what, when we see that thick headband and those wingy eye-lined eyes that are just a little bit too excited to sell car insurance, we can't help but smile. So next time you're out shopping for car insurance, remember Flo, or she might explode.


Lemon Drop: Absolut

Lemon Drop: Absolut The thirty seconds of commercial trailer has nothing on the real lemon drop but this Absolut commercial left me wanting more. She's sour, she's sweet and she's an ACTUAL Hollywooder. Ali Larter will keep you entertained. And if you want more, just drop by the website for the whole 10.5 minute "movie."


The Most Interesting Man in the World: Dos Equis

We all love a good Chuck Norris joke but The Most Interesting Man In The World makes Chuck Norris seem like a school girl crying after a particularly brutal bout of hair pulling. He has advice for everything, and he's smooth. And to top it all off, he's always surrounded by a group of laughing young people. So kick back and enjoy this AMAZING creature's presence and remember, when he says stay thirsty, you do it. He's not someone you want to make angry.


Miller High Life/ High Life Light Delivery Guys: Miller High Life/ High Life Light

Miller High Life/ High Life Light Delivery Guys: Miller High Life/ High Life Light These guys have a great little dynamic going. They work for the same company, they both love the same beer, one just likes to keep things a little lighter. I personally want to see more commercials with these two. Or the High Life Light delivery guys response to High Life's "which one" question. Either way, if the Dos Equis spokesperson hadn't scared me into drinking that beer, I might crack open a couple of High Lifes with these guys.


FreeCreditReport.Com Band (original): Freecreditreport.com

While the new band is great at their jobs, nothing can top crazy mid-evil jobs or pirate costumes that these guys minted in their commercials. Their songs were so catchy that I still can't get them out of my head. So, I tip my pirate hat to you fellas and hope you come back soon for some type of collaboration.


Orbitz Girl (original):Orbitz

That's right, the original Orbitz girl had to make the list. When she asked if you had a dirty mouth, you wanted to go wash it out with soap just to make is sparkle like the ones in the commercial. Plus, she totally coined "Fabulous" with her cute little accent. Sorry new girl, you just can't fill her shoes with your fake accent.


Priceline Negotiator: Priceline

Priceline Negotiator: Priceline How could William Shatner not make this list? He brings the lowest prices on hotels and flights to families everywhere and he pilots a space ship on the side. Whatever he's doing when he busts into the room, you know you're about to get a better deal. And that my friends, makes him the best!

Well ladies hopefully you find the people on this list as interesting as I do. And if not, take a minute to actually watch the commercials next time the TV is on. You're bound to see something you like! Any commercial personalities that you think should make the list? Any you don't agree with? Let me know down below!

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lol i love flo! i think the kangaroo from aussie hair products should be on here, too

what about Old Spice?

i agree with ronja the old spice guy deservs a spot es sooo funny!

i reckon the angry bankwoman from the anz ads

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