7 Celebrities I Would like to Meet ...


7 Celebrities I Would like to Meet ...
7 Celebrities I Would like to Meet ...

There are actually quite a few celebrities I'd love to meet and maybe I'll at least catch a glimpse of a couple of them some day. Here is my list of 7 celebrities I would like to meet. See what you think! I'd love to hear who your top celebrities are that you'd like have a choice encounter with some time.

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Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton Image source: gordonandthewhale.com

I think this guy is just plain cool. I always thought he would be an easy going guy and have a good sense of humor. A good friend of my husband's said that Billy Bob truly is a nice guy and I trust my husband's friend's judgment. He's a rather laid back character himself, so it seems only fitting that he'd get along with another person with a similar temperament.


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Image source: joflc

Maybe it's the sultry accent combined with a winning smile and toned physique. It could be the calm demeanor or the way his laugh always makes me smile as well. All I know is that I'd love to meet this guy and see if he truly is as nice as everyone says he is. He just might really be a nice boy from the Carolinas.



Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

For being a homeschooled gal, I think Beyonce turned out very well. There are so many kids who are schooled at home and they are very reclusive and shy. This is truer with the homeschooled girls that I've met than with the boys. I've seen a couple of different interviews with Beyonce and she seems like an extremely sweet person. She seems to be one of the few performers that haven’t let fame go to her head.


Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Image source: assets.nydailynews.com

I used to love watching Ellen on her show during the afternoons. I hope it's still on TV. Not having access to television, I'm sort of in the dark as to what shows are still popular and which ones aren't. Ellen always seemed to have an endless amount of energy. Her sense of humor is fantastic and she has a love for helping others that shows as well.


David Bowie

Image source: hamovhotov.com

I've adored David Bowie's music since I was a kid. I've read numerous interviews in magazines about him and his family. None of the interviews I read stated anything negative about him. He always seems to be smiling in interviews involving video cameras as well. I remember hearing David Bowie and Bing Cosby sing 'Little Drummer Boy' together. My initial thought was that Bowie had to be a nice person if Bing was willing to sing with him! However, I was judging Bing's personality by the types of songs he sang.


Will Smith

Image source: strana.az

Will Smith has to be the ideal family guy that any wife would be proud to be married to. He is just an all-around sweet man and his caring side can be seen when he's with his family. I also have yet to read an interview that portrays him any differently.


Drew Barrymore

Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

I first saw Drew Barrymore in ET when I was a little kid. I was thrilled to see her in numerous other movies as I grew up. Sure she had some rough times, but she has evolved into a solid, beautiful, and talented woman. I would love to meet her just to congratulate her on her achievements. She also reminds me a lot of my youngest sister, which could be another reason why I think she's so great!

Out of these 7 celebrities I would like to meet, are there any you'd put at the top of your list of famous people to meet? I sometimes wonder if I would be disappointed if I met one of my favorite celebrities and found out what a turd he/she actually was. I think this is why it might be better that I simply dream about meeting one of these famous people and leave it at that. Have you ever met any of these celebrities?

Top Photo Credit: AnnArbor.com

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I would like to meet Johnny Deep and JK Rowling

I would like to meet Will Smith, Sandra Bullock, Hugh Jackmann, Speilberg, Lady Gaga....so on.

I think ellen is still on television, i agree with you she has a fantastic sense of humour. I would love to meet Will Smith! He seems like such a cool guy!

I would love to meet Eminem!

Thats a good list! I would have to go with Will Smith for my number 1 pic, then Will Farrel, Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, J-Lo, and Beyonce.

I'd love to meet James Cameron (he's such an amazing mind!!) and Liv Tyler (she's got this cute attitude towards people)

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