7 Celebs to Watch for in 2011 ...


7 Celebs to Watch for in 2011 ...
7 Celebs to Watch for in 2011 ...

Admit it, sometimes you enjoy watching what celebrities are up to. There are some celebrities that seem to be bent on self-destruction and like moths drawn to a flame, we like to watch their progress. Other celebrities are simply people whose lives we like to follow. In 2011 there will be much to watch; here are 7 celebs to watch out for in 2011.

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William and Kate

Photo Credit: starvard.com

Prince William has won his beautiful lady and will make her his bride this spring. Like his mother’s wedding to Prince Charles, William’s wedding will be a spectacular event watched by royal watchers around the globe. No doubt this will be THE EVENT of the year and the newlyweds will continue in the media spotlight.



Photo Credit: fanpop.com

Lindsey Lohan has been on a revolving door track in rehab and 2011 may determine her fate once and for all. Can she stay clean and sober? Does she have a career left? Will she manage to stay out of jail? Has she learned anything from the past couple of years? Only 2011 can tell.



Brangelina Photo Credit: topnews.in

Rumors pop up on a regular basis about this pair; Brad and Angelina are splitting up, no they are not splitting up, they're pregnant again, they're adopting again. This is a couple that is on the right track; at least they seem to be. They are humanitarians on a global level and they live what they preach. Kudos to Brangelina and keep your eyes on them in 2011.


Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld Photo Credit: fullissue.com

Years ago actress Kim Darby landed a role opposite legendary actor John Wayne in a movie called True Grit; she became a household word. In the current re-make of True Grit, 14 year old Hailee Steinfeld will knock your socks off as she holds her own against Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges. Look for great things from this talented young lady in 2011.


Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Photo Credit: fanpop.com

We all watched in stunned horror as the whole story of Jesse’s deceitful ways unfolded; we felt pain as we watched Sandra’s marriage crumble. 2011 is shaping up to be a much better year for her as romantic rumors surround her relationship with Ryan Reynolds. He has been seen visiting her but she adamantly denies they are romantically entwined. Only time will tell…


Gabrielle Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords Photo Credit: rncnyc2004.blogspot.com

Representative Giffords was shot in the Tucson tragedy; she received a through and through shot to her head. Few survive this sort of injury but she has not only survived but appears to be recovering abilities every day. We will all be watching her progress and hoping against hope that she achieves as full a recovery as possible.


Charlie Sheen

Photo Credit: celebritysmackblog.com

A Hollywood bad boy to the very core, Charlie may not be able to dodge jail this time. CBS has expressed concern over their star but so far, the show is going on. Do you ever wonder how long bad behavior can go on without consequences?

In the grand scheme of things watching celebrities is probably not vital to our existence. We do, however, seem to thrive on living vicariously through media reporting on celebrities. The list above is only a small sampling of which celebrities to watch in 2011. Which celebs would you like to see on the list?

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Surprisingly, I haven't heard anything lately about Brad and Angelina. On the other hand, my local news station interviewed Hailee from True Grit. She was inspiring me... until the reporter asked her if she liked Justin Bieber and she said yes. Never again will I think of liking Hailee again!

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