57 Hottest Women Celebrities ...


57 Hottest Women Celebrities ...
57 Hottest Women Celebrities ...

Ah, sexy women celebrities... Whether you love 'em, hate 'em or envy them for their seeming perfection, you can't deny that the world of glitz and glamour would be rather dull without the magic that these 55 sexiest women celebrities exude. A BIG thank you to our fabulous editor Lyndsie for helping with this awesome post and to all our fabulous readers who helped pick the top ten hottest women celebrities of our time!

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Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk Born on: December 30, 1982.
Sexy because: of her beautiful smile, voluminous hair and gorgeous dark eyes.
Hottest Moment: She has lots of steamy make out scenes with her current co-star, Jay Ryan in Beauty and the Beast.

Love Life: Her personal life is not much talked about but she has supposedly been dating Mark Hildreth for over three years! He should definitely put a ring on it!

See her next: On the next season of Beauty and the Beast after their summer hiatus! The show is completely addicting.


Kristin Kreuk is a Canadian actress best known for her roles in Smallville, Beauty and the Beast, and Eurotrip. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and began her career in acting at the age of 18 when she was cast in the Canadian teen drama Edgemont. She has since appeared in numerous films and television shows, and has won multiple awards including a Gemini Award for her role in Edgemont. She is also a philanthropist and has been involved with numerous charities, including the Children's Wish Foundation and the Asian Heritage Foundation. She currently stars as Catherine Chandler in the CW series Beauty and the Beast.


Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Born on: December 14, 1988
Sexy because: She is indisputably attractive and has a beautiful laugh!
Hottest Moment: Has anybody seen Spring Breakers?!
Love Life: After being in one of the most talked about relationships with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens moved on to another good looking actor, Austin Butler!

See her next: She will star in a number of upcoming flicks such as The Frozen Ground, Machete Kills and Gimme Shelter.


Beyond her steamy role in Spring Breakers, Vanessa's talent shines through her versatility in acting. Whether embracing the dramatic depths in Gimme Shelter or handling action-packed scenes in Machete Kills, she captivates the audience with her performances and undeniable screen presence. Her style evolution has also been noteworthy, often gracing red carpet events in outfits that highlight her fearless fashion sense and natural beauty. With every performance and appearance, Vanessa Hudgens continues to enchant fans and critics alike, securing her spot as a true icon in the entertainment industry.

Frequently asked questions

The hottest women celebrities are those who are perceived as very attractive and stylish by the general public. They often have successful careers in entertainment, sports, or fashion. The list can vary each year based on current trends and new entrants in the celebrity world.

While anyone can become a celebrity with talent and hard work, becoming one of the 'hottest' is subjective and often influenced by factors like physical appearance, style, public perception, and media coverage.

People are interested in celebrity culture for various reasons, including entertainment, fashion inspiration, or simply as a form of escapism. The allure of beauty and fame often draws public interest.

Yes, the list can change each year. Some celebrities maintain their status, while others may rise to prominence or become less talked about in the media.

They are usually chosen based on their public appeal, appearances in media, social media following, and their impact on popular culture. Magazine polls, online votes, and industry professionals' opinions can also influence who makes the list.


Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson Born on: 25th August 1981
Sexy because: of her full, pouting lips and that amazing head of hair.
Hottest Moment: As a matter of fact, she and boyfriend Hayden Christensen shared a very steamy scene in Jumper, and she was smoking in The O.C., as well.

Love Life: She's been on and off with Hayden Christensen for several years; once they were engaged but now they're not, although they're still dating.

See her next: She'll be in L!fe Happens, along with Colin Egglesfield, Jason Biggs, and Kate Bosworth.


Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal Born on: 16th November 1977
Sexy because: of her mind! In addition to being adorable, Maggie is incredibly smart – she graduated from Columbia University! That bodacious brain definitely makes her one of our hottest women celebrities!

Hottest Moment: Do I need to say anything more than Secretary? I don't think so!

Love Life: She's married to her brother's close friend, Peter Sarsgaard. They've been together since 2002 and have a daughter named Ramona.

See her next: Maggie will be costarring with Rupert Everett and Hugh Dancy in Hysteria later this year.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Born on: 11th February 1969
Sexy because: of her incredible hair, which has been equally famous since her days on Friends.

Hottest Moment: Her love scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in The Good Girl were pretty much the definition of hot!

Love Life: Jennifer's love life has been a hot topic ever since her divorce from Brad Pitt. For the moment, the spotlight is off of her on-again, off-again, off-again relationship with John Mayer. In spite of rumors that she's dating both Bradley Cooper and Jake Gyllenhaal himself, she appears to be in a relationship with Justin Theroux.

See her next: in Horrible Bosses, with the likes of Jason Batement, Colin Farrell, and Jamie Foxx.


Jennifer Aniston's radiant smile and girl-next-door charm have captivated audiences for years. Best known for: her role as Rachel Green on Friends, where her iconic hairstyle "The Rachel" became a cultural phenomenon. She's also admired for her fitness regimen and natural beauty, often gracing magazine covers with her timeless look. With a career spanning over three decades, she has demonstrated versatility by taking on roles in romantic comedies and drama films alike, proving her skill as an actress is as commendable as her stunning appearance.


Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu Born on: 2nd December 1968
Sexy because: of her incredible cheekbones, her fantastic face, and all of those adorable freckles!

Hottest Moment: She's had dozens, but the “Barracuda” scene in Charlie's Angels and all those fight scenes in Kill Bill are definitely tops!

Love Life: Lucy keeps her love life pretty quiet, but the rumor is that she's dating Will McCormack.

See her next: In addition to doing voice work in a Tinkerbell based video, Lucy's in the upcoming flick Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You.


Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Born on: 1st November 1973
Sexy because: of her phenomenal cheekbones and because she has an absolutely amazing voice.

Hottest Moment: She's always hot, but movies like The Last Legion, Raavan, and Action Replayy really highlight her steaminess!

Love Life: Aishwarya is married to Abhishek Bachchan, and the two of them are considered something of a supercouple!

See her next: She stars as Mahree in next year's Heroine, along with Arjun Rampal and Arunoday Singh.


Lea Michele

Lea Michele Born on: 29th August 1986
Sexy because: her dark eyes, her smile, and that gorgeous singing voice! Plus, she single-handedly makes being a geek sexy every week!

Hottest Moment: I'm kind of weird, but I think she's pretty hot every time Rachel's at her dorkiest. What?

Love Life: By all accounts, she's in a relationship with another Broadway baby, Theo Stockman, who can currently be seen starring in American Idiot.

See her next: While you wait for Glee to come back, you can see Lea in this year's New Year's Eve, which also stars such great actors as Ashton Kutcher, Robert De Niro, Josh Duhamel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katherine Heigl, Zac Efron … um, yeah, this is another Valentine's Day. You can also hear her voice in next Year's Dorothy of Oz, where she'll be Dorothy alongside some similarly big names!


Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly Born on: 3rd August 1979
Sexy because: she's such a tomboy! That much prettiness with a rough and tumble attitude is just too cute, making her one of the hottest women celebrities ever!

Hottest Moment: In the midst of all the crazed confusion, Evangeline had plenty of steamy moments while starring on Lost.

Love Life: Once married to (and divorced from) Murray Hone, a hockey player, she also dated costar Dominic Monaghan for five years. Now she has a boyfriend named Norman Kali, and the two of them had a boy in May of this year.

See her next: She'll be in Real Steel later this year, a robot-boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman as well. Lucky girl!


Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester Born on: 9th April 1986
Sexy because: of her sculpted cheekbones and her incredible voice.
Hottest Moment: She's had tons of steamy scenes in Gossip Girl – Blair knows how to get around, y'all!

Love Life: Rumor has it that she's currently dating Justin Long, which is crazy, because I thought he was still dating Drew Barrymore!

See her next: She'll be in The Oranges, which also stars Hugh Laurie, so I'll be seeing it no matter what.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Born on: 21st October 1980
Sexy because: of her butt. She's a gorgeous girl, don't get me wrong, she's got great eyes and gorgeous hair, but she's primarily known for her butt.

Hottest Moment: Well … there was that unfortunate sex tape, but truthfully, if you ever watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians or any of its off-shoots, you know there are tons of slightly more PG sexy moments!

Love Life: She's currently engaged to athlete Kris Humphries, although her family doesn't seem sure that she'll make it to marriage. Aw! Let's hope she finally gets a nice guy!

See her next: You can catch her on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and any other Kardashian-based show!


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Born on: 13th December 1989
Sexy because: of her wild, curly hair, her smile, and her sweetness.
Hottest Moment: She's had some pretty steamy scenes in a lot of her movies, and a lot of people loved her cheerleading scene in Valentine's Day!

Love Life: Poor Taylor's love life is a little sad – and typically detailed in her songs! After breaking up with Jake Gyllenhaal, she's currently single.

See her next: She's currently filming The Lorax! She'll star as Audrey, along with Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Danny DeVito, and Betty White.


Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Born on: 5th October 1975
Sexy because: of her gorgeous eyes, her vivacious smile, her beautiful hair, and because she's chock full of lovely curves – and embraces them!

Hottest Moment: Who can pick just one? The drawing and car scenes in Titanic were amazing, she had more steamy scenes with Leo in Revolutionary Road, and she was a tender cougar in The Reader as well.

Love Life: After her recent divorce, the Hollywood gossip mill has her paired up with Louis Dowler.

See her next: She'll play Dr. Erin Mears in Contagion, which pairs her up with Jude Law again, not to mention Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow.


Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis Born on: 12th September 1978
Sexy because: of those dark, sloe Italian eyes, her full lips – and her taste in men!

Hottest Moment: I don't think she's ever had a moment on film or TV that wasn't hot...
Love Life: Oh man. She's been with George Clooney for the last two years. Man.
See her next: Unfortunately, she's not scheduled to appear in anything in the near future, but you can still catch episodes of Leverage. Heck, you can also go watch Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Born on: 12th September 1981
Sexy because: of her exquisite singing voice, her incredibly smile, her strength, and all those curves! All of that plus her sweet personality easily define her as one of the sexiest women celebrities.

Hottest Moment: She was actually a super stunner in Dreamgirls, and many of her videos get quite sexy, too!

Love Life: Jennifer is engaged to and has a child with David Otunga – who, in addition to graduating from Harvard Law, appeared as “Punk” on I Love New York 2. If he can woo an amazing woman like this, he's definitely not a punk!

See her next: You can see her on an upcoming episode of The Tonight Show, but Jennifer will also be starring as Winnie Mandela in Winnie.


Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried Born on: 3rd December 1985
Sexy because: of her big, beautiful blue eyes, full lips, gorgeous body, sweet voice, and an incredible singing talent, too!

Hottest Moment: Chloe. Definitely the movie Chloe. She had some choice moments in Big Love too, though!

Love Life: She's been rumored to be dating Ryan Phillippe forever; the two of them are currently said to be on the outs again, so who knows what might happen?

See her next: Amanda will be starring in In Time, a sci-fi thriller costarring Alex Pettyfer, Olivia Wilde, and Justin Timberlake.


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria Born on: 15th March 1975
Sexy because: of her gorgeous skin tone and her dark, flashing eyes – as well as legs that go all the way up to her chin!

Hottest Moment: As Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives, she's had more than her fair share of hot moments! That housewife is smokin'!

Love Life: After her heartbreaking divorce from Tony Parker, the rumor mill is pairing Eva with Eduardo Cruz.

See her next: Later this year, you can watch Eva in Cristiada, a historical drama.


Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger Born on: 15th July 1976
Sexy because: of her German accent and her vintage sense of style, not to mention that exquisite bone structure!

Hottest Moment: She doesn't spend a moment on screen when she's not smoldering, but I found her intelligence and butt-kicking abilities in the National Treasure movies amazingly hot.
Love Life: She and Joshua Jackson have been dating since 2006!
See her next: Later this year, she'll play Elsa in Special Forces, along with Djimon Hounsou.


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron Born on: 7th August 1975
Sexy because: her lips, her eyes, her cheekbones, her talent, and her body. She's also incredibly smart, and few can resist her real accent – which comes courtesy of South Africa!

Hottest Moment: Charlize has had more than her fair share of hot moments, but I particularly liked her as badass Aeon Flux back in 2005! Her Dior perfume ads are also very, very steamy.

Love Life: After being with Stuart Townsend for almost ten years, the two split last year. As of right now, she's not seeing anyone seriously.

See her next: Later this year, Charlize will play Mavis Gary in Young Adult; her costars include Patrick Wilson, J. K. Simmons, and Elizabeth Reaser.


Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook Born on: 23rd November 1979
Sexy because: of her beautiful face, large eyes, full lips, and creamy skin.
Hottest Moment: She's had a lot of them, but currently, do I need to say anything besides “Skins,” really? Her casting decisions certainly help make Kelly one of the hottest women celebrities we've ever seen!

Love Life: Kelly's had a very tempestuous love life! She spent seven years dating bad boy hottie Jason Stratham, was engaged to Billy Zane, and dated Danny Cipriani as well. Currently she's with Thom Evans.
See her next: Skins, baby! You can see her in Skins!


Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima Born on: 12th June 1981
Sexy because: her body, without question, but also those pouty lips!
Hottest Moment: Oh, how about every Victoria's Secret Fashion Show she's ever been in?

Love Life: Adriana's married to Marko Jaric, a basketball player from Serbia. They had their first child two years ago, a little girl named Valentina Lima Jaric. Aww!

See her next: Just keep an eye on those fashion shows! She also frequently appears on game shows, playing for charity.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Born on: 24th July 1969
Sexy because: of her beautiful bone structure, her lush features, her gorgeous voice … and her butt. What? It's true!

Hottest Moment: When is J.Lo not hot? In Gigli, that's when, but other than that, you can pretty much pick your moment – especially her videos!
Love Life: Is married to Marc Anthony. The couple have twins together. Aww!
See her next: Jennifer will be doing voice work with Ray Romano, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, and John Leguizamo in Ice Age: Continental Drift.


Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard Born on: 30th September 1975
Sexy because: of her timeless, elegant facial features, not to mention her hair. She has great hair. Plus, she's French! Super sexy!

Hottest Moment: Maybe it's just me, but I thought she was pretty sexy as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose. She smoldered in Inception, as well!

Love Life: She's in a long term relationship with Guillaume Canet, a director and an actor; their first child, a son, was born this past pay!

See her next: You can catch her alongside Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Matt Damon in Contagion, out later this year!


Emma Stone

Emma Stone Born on: 6th November 1988
Sexy because: of her eyes, her hair, her smile, and her quirky, witty, sharp sense of humor!

Hottest Moment: Olive's Scarlet Letter turn in Easy A was crazy hot – Miss Emma's got the kind of body for all those corsets! She also had some hot moments killing the undead in Zombieland.

Love Life: Rumor has it that Emma's currently in cahoots with Kieran Culkin, who's grown up to be just as cute as his older brother!

See her next: Emma's up next as Hannah in Crazy Stupid Love, costarring with big names like Ryan Gosling, Kevin Bacon, Steve Carell, and Julianne Moore; she'll also be in the upcoming flick The Help.


Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys Born on: 25th January 1981
Sexy because: of her soulful voice and those incredible eyes, not to mention that tough but sweet attitude!

Hottest Moment: Alicia's also had some pretty steamy moments in many of her videos! Watching any of them easily explains why she's one of the hottest women celebrities.

Love Life: The songstress is married to Swizz Beatz, with whom she has a son, Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean.

See her next: In the TV series, Football Focus – plus keep an eye out for debut vids!


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Born on: 18th April 1987
Sexy because: of those lips, those eyes, those cheekbones, that body! No doubt she's gorgeous, but she's also incredibly smart, and that's the sexiest of all!

Hottest Moment: Probably all those Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows! But I bet she'll be pretty hot in her upcoming movie debut, too...

Love Life: She's actually tied to several of the other ladies on this list through her love life! She dated Olivier Martinez for a few months, and now she's tied to Jason Stratham.

See her next: She's moving into the big time when it comes to acting. You'll get to see her later this year, in the much anticipated Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, where she'll be taking on the role of Carly Miller, Resident Hot Girl.


Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton Born on: 12th January 1986
Sexy because: of her eyes, unquestionably, as well as her killer cheekbones and her musical accent.

Hottest Moment: I'll always be crazy about her performance in Prince of Persia. So hot! However, she also sizzled as Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace.
Love Life: She's currently married to Stefano Catelli, who is a sales manager.
See her next: Gemma will star alongside Jeremy Renner and Famke Janssen in 2012's Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Born on: 4th June 1975
Sexy because: of her lips. Really, does anything else need to be said? Actually, I'm also partial to her eyes, her long, long legs, and all those tattoos! Her generosity and empathy are also very sexy traits.

Hottest Moment: Gee, is it possible to pick just one? She's been hot in every movie ever, but Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Lara Croft, and Original Sin were all exceptionally hot.

Love Life: She's in a committed relationship with a man you might know, goes by the name of Brad Pitt? The two have … well, they've got lots of kids, who can keep count?

See her next: She's rumored to be starring in a 2013 flick called The Silver Linings Playbook, and may play Cleopatra the same year. Currently, you can hear her voice work in Kung Fu Panda 2.


Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene Born on: 21st February 1987
Sexy because: she's a tomboy and a daredevil, while still looking drop dead gorgeous!

Hottest Moment: It might not be steamy, but she's awfully cute as Alice Cullen. There were some hot bits to be found in Skateland and Summer's blood, as well!

Love Life: Since breaking up with Joe Jonas in March, she doesn't appear to be dating anyone else, although she's evidently BFFs with Kellan Lutz, so who knows?

See her next: Twihard fans the world over know she's going to be in the upcoming first part of Breaking Dawn, but you can also see her exercise some serious acting chops in this year's Butter, a comedy that pairs Greene with such stars as Hugh Jackman, Olivia Wilde, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Garner, and many more!


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel Born on: 3rd March 1982
Sexy because: of her gorgeous eyes and crazy amazing hair. She's also got killer cheekbones, which don't hurt her appeal as one of the hottest women celebrities!

Hottest Moment: I've always thought that she kicked loads of butt in the movie adaptation of The A-Team, myself!

Love Life: Since breaking up with long time boyfriend Justin Timberlake, it appears that Jessica is still single. Poor girl!

See her next: She'll be doing some horror in this year's The Tall Man, and from the looks of it, she'll be popping up steadily in new movies over the next two years!


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel Born on: 17th January 1980
Sexy because: of her large blue eyes, her flawless skin, her innocent appearance, and her unique singing voice.
Hottest Moment: (500) Days of Summer, am I right?
Love Life: She married Ben Gibbard, who is the lead singer of The Postal Service, as well as Death Cab for Cutie, in 2009!

See her next: Make sure you catch her upcoming TV series, “The New Girl” – imagine, a dose of Zooey every week!


Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Born on: 17th November 1978
Sexy because: of everything. Seriously, I love this girl. She's adorable and cute one moment, sexy and smoldering the next, and she's incredibly talented. Her eyes are gorgeous, her lips are lush, and she's got the sweetest dimples ever!

Hottest Moment: Honestly, she's hot no matter what, but I especially love her as Irene in Sherlock Holmes.

Love Life: She's been on-and-off with Ryan Gosling so much (and I'm praying they get back together some day), but these days she's rumored to be seeing Michael Sheen.
See her next: As Irene! Again! In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows!


Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Born on: 2nd September 1966
Sexy because: of her adorable accent, her gorgeous eyes, her luscious skin tone, and her smile.

Hottest Moment: Um, everything? Any movie she's in, she steals the show. I've always thought her role as Serendipity in Dogma was ridiculously hot, but you can also throw in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, From Dusk Till Dawn, and who knows how many others.

Love Life: She's married to Francois-Henri Pinault, with whom she has a daughter named Valentina.

See her next: Salma stars in this year's Americano, and she's got a ton of other movies on board as well – including doing voice work as Kitty Softpaws for Puss in Boots!


January Jones

January Jones Born on: 5th January 1978
Sexy because: of her face, her hair, and her curvaceous body, as well as the sharp wit and skill displayed on Mad Men.

Hottest Moment: January is arguably hot in every scene she plays as Betty Draper, but she had some steamy scenes in X-Men: First Class, as well.

Love Life: Sadly, she recently announced a split with Jason Sudeikis – and they made such a cute couple!

See her next: If you move fast, you can see her diamond-coated and diabolical in her turn as Emma Frost; she'll also be in The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, with Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry Born on: 14th August 1966
Sexy because: her androgynous haircut, bright smile, gorgeous eyes, immense talent, and bangin' body! Halle's so full of grace and beauty, she's always been destined to be one of the hottest women celebrities in the world.

Hottest Moment: Um, hi, did any of you see Monster's Ball? Of course, I'm partial to seeing her as Storm, myself.

Love Life: Halle's had a lot of bad luck in her love life as well, but if the rumors are to be believed, she's currently dating Olivier Martinez.

See her next: Halle will be playing Kate Mathieson in Dark Tide – with real life love, Olivier!


Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana Born on: 19th June 1978
Sexy because: she has amazing eyes, beautiful skin, and a crazy amount of talent.
Hottest Moment: Avatar, anyone? Even blue, she was amazingly hot!
Love Life: The rumor mill tells me she's in a relationship with Keith Britton right now!

See her next: She'll be in this summer's Columbiana, with Michael Vartan and Callum Blue.


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Born on: 20th July 1980
Sexy because: of her smoldering eyes, impeccable body, signature poses, and charming Brazilian accent. She's also thought to have the best hair in all of Hollywood!
Hottest Moment: Any time she struts the catwalk for Victoria's Secret!
Love Life: Although she had a very highly publicized relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele found her true love in Pats wonderboy Tom Brady; the two have a son named Benjamin.

See her next: Mostly, Gisele is being a mom to little Benjamin, but sometimes you can still catch her on the catwalk, and she keeps up with her personal blog.


Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Born on: 11th April 1981
Sexy because: not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she's a genuinely caring person as well, and works with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as an ambassador. That's wonderful!

Hottest Moment: Have you ever seen this girl on the runway? Every turn as a Victoria's Secret Angel is hot!

Love Life: She's been engaged to Jamie Mazur, a businessman from California, for years, and three years ago, the couple had their very first daughter!

See her next: Alessandra's still steaming up the runway, but you can also catch her playing herself in a short called Beard at Work!


Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde Born on: 10th March 1984
Sexy because: of everything! Seriously, her green-blue eyes are gorgeous, her bone structure is to die for, she has fantastic cheekbones, an immense talent, and she's smart – she took her professional surname because of her love for Oscar Wilde! Girl-crush!

Hottest Moment: There have been some wild scenes in House, which I love partly because Thirteen is hot and smart!

Love Life: Sadly, she and her husband, Tao Ruspoli, filed for divorce earlier this year. On the plus side, she might be single for a minute!

See her next: Deja-vu! This lucky lady stars with Hugh Jackman in Butter, as well as Cowboys and Aliens with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks Born on: 3rd May 1975
Sexy because: of her radiant red hair and her voluptuous curves – not to mention the fact that she's proud of them! This lady knows she's beautiful, and that confidence is the sexiest thing of all! No wonder she's one of the hottest women celebrities on this list!

Hottest Moment: Fans of Mad Men agree that every scene featuring the smoldering Joan Harris is the hottest – although many also clamor for Christina's work on Firefly!

Love Life: She's been married to fellow actor Geoffrey Arend since October of 2009.

See her next: She'll be back when Mad Men returns, but until then she's got a lot on her plate: in addition to a ton of upcoming movies, she's in this year's Drive alongside Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, and Ryan Gosling, as well as this year's Detachment, costarring Lucy Liu, Adrien Brody … and Bryan Cranston!


Megan Fox

Megan Fox Sexy because: of everything! She's most known for those luscious lips and engaging eyes, not to mention her numerous, interesting tattoos. A lot of people, men and women, also find her attitude extremely sexy.

Hottest Moment: Megan's had a lot of sexy moments, from her tomboyish appeal in the Transformers flicks to her evocative performance in Eminem's video for “Love the Way You Lie.” Her very hottest moment, however, seems to be all those smoking scenes from Jennifer's Body.

Love Life: Although the relationship has been tempestuous, Megan's been with Brian Austin Green for seven years now. After lots of breakups and a failed engagement, the two finally got married in summer of 2010.

See her next: She won't be reprising her role in the next Transformers blockbuster, but the Southern hottie can be seen in 2012's Friends with Kids, along with Kristen Wiig, Jon Ham, and Edward Burns.


Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole Born on: 30th June 1983
Sexy because: of her smile, her sultry eyes, and her accent!
Hottest Moment: Cheryl is kind of hot no matter what she does, especially while performing!

Love Life: That's a complicated question! The latest breaking news says that she and Derek Hough has split because she's been having a relationship with Ashley Cole – her ex-husband!
See her next: You can see Ms. Cole in the Panorama TV series.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively Born on: 25th August 1987
Sexy because: Her hair is one of the sexiest things about her!
Hottest Moment: As Selena on Gossip Girl, she's had too many hot moments to count!

Love Life: Rumor has it that Leonardo DiCaprio moved from Bar Rafaeli to Blake. Wow!

See her next: She stars with Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern later this summer, and can also be seen in next year's Hick, costarring Alec Baldwin, Rory Culkin, and Juliette Lewis.


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Born on: 26th July 1973
Sexy because: she's got a beautiful smile and her talents are widespread. What's not sexy about an actress who's first role was in Kenneth Branagh's version of Much Ado about Nothing?

Hottest Moment: All that sexy butt-kicking she did in Underworld! Plus, the old Hollywood glamor she channeled playing Ava Gardner in The Aviator.

Love Life: She used to be in a serious relationship with Michael Sheen (no relation), with whom she has a daughter, while starring in the first Underworld, she left her then-partner – and costar! – for their director, Len Wiseman, whom she married in 2004.

See her next: She'll be returning to the big screen as Selene in 2012's Underworld: New Dawn, and she'll also be in next year's Contraband, which also stars Ben Foster, Mark Wahlberg, Lukas Haas, and Giovanni Ribisi. Lucky Kate!


Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr Born on: 20th April 1983
Sexy because: of her beautiful smile, incredible cheekbones, and flawless skin – not to mention her Australian accent!

Hottest Moment: Every time she walks the runway for Victoria's Secret, this girl sizzles! VS thinks she's one of the hottest women celebrities, and we definitely agree.

Love Life: She's been with Orlando Bloom since 2007, and the two finally married in 2010; with the birth of Flynn, their first son, they've become quite the little family!

See her next: You can still occasionally see her on the runway, not to mention in every possible magazine!


Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Born on: 5th March 1974
Sexy because: she smolders! This woman is hot all over, from her crazy body to those gorgeous dark eyes.

Hottest Moment: She's had at least one hot moment in every movie she's ever been in, but the lingerie and bathtub scenes in The Women were both pretty incredible!

Love Life: Sorry, guys, Eva's been with her boyfriend George Augusto, a filmmaker, ever since 2002 – that's commitment!

See her next: She'll be in this year's See If I Care, alongside Matthew Modine and Patricia Arquette.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Born on: 12th November 1982
Sexy because: she's incredibly smart, has amazing talent – and then, of course, there are those big, doe eyes, her full, lush lips, and that flawless, porcelain skin!

Hottest Moment: Without question, it has to be all those steamy scenes with Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs. She definitely shed her princess image in that flick!

Love Life: After her much publicized trainwrecks with Adam Shulman and Raffaello Follieri, Anne seems understandably gun shy, although there are still pervasive rumors that she might be dating Jake.

See her next: Next year, she'll take on the role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, but you can also see her later this year as Emma Morley in One Day, costarring Jim Sturgess.


Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz Born on: 28th April 1974
Sexy because: of her accent, her amazing body, her immense talent, and her charming sense of humor! Her generosity makes her sexy as well.

Hottest Moment: Although it occurred a decade ago, her performance in Vanilla Sky is still legendary; her scenes in Vicky Cristina Barcelona were incredibly sexy; and call me strange, but I think she made a hot pirate, too!

Love Life: Although she's been linked to big names like Matthew McConaughey and, of course, Tom Cruise, Javier Bardem ultimately stole her heart; the two were married in 2010 and they had their first child in January.

See her next: Penelope's been busy with first time motherhood, but she'll be back on the big screen in 2012, in a Woody Allen film called Bop Decameron, costarring Ellen Page, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, and Woody himself.



Rihanna Sexy because: of her fantastic voice, her signature hair, and her gorgeous eyes – and her accent doesn't hurt, either!

Hottest Moment: I don't know about you guys, but I thought that S&M video was pretty hot, albeit a little bizarre, too.

Love Life: Her ill-fated relationship with Chris Brown was widely publicized; since then, Rihanna's love life hasn't been secretive, precisely, but it's been pretty quiet. Although she's been rumored to be dating everyone from Ryan Phillippe to Travis Barker to Usher, the singer herself maintains that she's single.

See her next: In addition to keeping an eye out for new music videos, you can see Rihanna on the big screen next year, in Battleship, a sci-fi flick costarring Liam Neeson and Alexander Skarsgard.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry Born on: 25th October 1984
Sexy because: of her fun-loving, easy-going attitude, as well as those big blue eyes and her bodacious bod. Plus, girl's got the brightest smile -- and sometimes it's the simple things that go into creating the hottest women celebrities, you know?

Hottest Moment: She's been hot in any number of her videos, especially “Teenage Dream.” In “E.T.,” she even made a sexy alien!

Love Life: After a relationship with Travie McCoy, which may or may not have resulted in a hilarious song, Katy met her true love, Russell Brand. The coupling's a strange one, but seems to work: after a whirlwind romance, they got married in 2010.

See her next: Keep an eye out for her videos, but she also does the voice of Smurfette in this year's 3D rendering of The Smurfs, and later this year, she'll be in The Muppets.



Shakira Born on: 2nd February 1977
Sexy because: her hips. Need I say more?
Hottest Moment: Pretty much every video she's ever been in, and every performance she's ever done. She's right, you know – hips don't lie!

Love Life: She recently split with her partner of 11 years, Antonio de la Rua, and is now said to be in a relationship with athlete Gerard Pique.

See her next: For now, you'll just have to content yourself with old videos and keep a close watch for new ones!


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman Born on: 9th June 1981
Sexy because: she's crazy smart and incredibly articulate in addition to being beautiful. Her creamy voice, pronounced cheekbones, and beautiful eyes are all assets as well!

Hottest Moment: She had some bizarrely hot moments in the beautiful Black Swan, but she also had some sexilicious scenes with Ashton Kutcher in No Strings Attached.

Love Life: She and Benjamin Millepied, a danseur, met during Black Swan; they're currently engaged, and their baby is due practically any minute!

See her next: She doesn't have anything new in the bag right now, since she'll soon be busy being a mommy! But she is in Thor, so you should check her out in the larger than life blockbuster!


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Born on: 22nd November 1984
Sexy because: she's ScarJo. Seriously, everything about this girl is sexy! She's got a beautiful face, a gorgeous body, and great hair – plus she's amazingly talented!

Hottest Moment: She's had steamy moments in lots of movies, such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona, the office scene with Bradley Cooper in He's Just Not That Into You, and as the Black Widow, she sizzles no matter what!

Love Life: Scar's had a really rich love life, but the most notable ones are her all-too-brief marriage to Ryan Reynolds and her rebound with … Sean Penn, of all people. Evidently they've broken up now, but who knows?

See her next: Scarlett's got a lot on board, but her very next movies are Scooby Doo: Attack of the Phantosaur, where she'll be doing voice work, and We Bought a Zoo, a comedic drama costarring Matt Damon.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson Born on: 15th April 1990
Sexy because: she's so cute! Actually, currently, she's sexy because of her daring haircut, which makes her look like the adult she's on the cusp of becoming!

Hottest Moment: Has little Emma actually had any hot moments? Maybe when she's kicking butt as Hermione; we might need to wait for the next phase of her career to see some real sex appeal, though!

Love Life: Although it's been on the down low, Emma is still evidently dating George Craig.

See her next: Duh! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2! She's also starring in a Marilyn Monroe pic called My Week with Marilyn, along with Dominic Cooper, Michelle Williams as Monroe, and Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Olivier.


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Born on: 28th April 1981
Sexy because: of her pouty lips, great body, flashing eyes, and fantastic hair!
Hottest Moment: She looks great any time she kicks some butt, so her turns in Sin City and Machete definitely went a long way toward cementing her popularity as one of the hottest women celebrities the world has ever seen!

Love Life: She and Cash Warren are still going strong: the couple have a daughter, Honor, and Jessica is now pregnant again. Congratulations!

See her next: You can check her out as Marissa Cortez Wilson in Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World!



Beyonce Born on: 4th September 1981
Sexy because: of her soulful, powerful voice, her beautiful skin, and the way she dances.

Hottest Moment: I thought she was pretty hot as Foxxy Cleopatra, myself – and the videos for “Single Ladies,” and “Videophone” were crazy!

Love Life: She and Jay-Z, who kept their relationship a secret forever, officially married in 2008. They've been together since 2002!

See her next: She's not up for any movies in the recent future, so you'll just have to keep checking out her videos! You can also see her on assorted L'Oreal commercials.


Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Born on: 14th August 1983
Sexy because: of everything! From her sense of humor to her full lips, gorgeous smile, flashing eyes, and adorable body, this girl is gorgeous from head to toe, inside and out!

Hottest Moment: She definitely had some crazily sexy moments in Black Swan, but really, she sizzles every time she's on screen – except when she's voicing Meg.

Love Life: After breaking up with long time love, Macaulay Culkin – which made me sad; he got cuter when he grew up! – she's been linked with many different men, but it appears she's single at the moment.

See her next: Mila has lots of movies on the block, like The Muppets, but before that, you can see her as Jamie in Friends with Benefits, with Justin Timberlake!

I can't say anything else, but phew! Those are some seriously hot celebrity women and now I need to go look into the mirror and sulk! :D I hope you enjoyed the post and as always, feel free to leave your comments and don't forget to tell me which of these hottest celebrity women is your favorite!

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Where is pixie lott?

Most of them is using plastic surgery so is megan fox. Megan fox is the hottest girl ever but the surgery make her look fake, But not all of herself is pretty there is weak part of her, Her thumb, Not all thing is perfect but she still deserves #1 I want Amy Lee on the list too >;(

She should be waaaaay higher up on the list.

Jessica Biel? Seriously?

kelly brook should be on here!!

You need to update your facts. Angelina Jolie won an best supporting Oscar for Girl Interrupted, Eva Longoria has been married to Parker for a while now, and since Keira Knightly was born in 1985, she could hardly have acted in Dr. Zhivago which came out in 1965.

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