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7 Celebrities Who Went into Rehab ...

By Mishka

A lot of us envy celebrity lifestyles, with all their glamour, money and sexy style quotients. They are always there at the best parties, they walk the red carpet at the Oscars and they holiday onboard luxury cruise liners and on expensive private islands. But then, there is also the dark side. Show business is not easy business, and sorrow and torture lurk beneath some of the prettiest faces in the country. Drug abuse and alcoholism are rampant, and so are rehabilitation and the battle to fight these evils. Rehab does work, however, and some celebrities do manage to come out stronger. Here are 7 celebrities who went into rehab and famously fought off debilitating addictions.

1 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s early life is testament to the potentially fatal consequences of stardom and fame, if it hits you too young. She was addicted to alcohol and drugs and had even tried to commit suicide, all before her 13th birthday. She went into rehab with little hope, but the story of her turnaround has been equally dramatic. She came out strong, fought off all those addictions and is now a strong and mature woman in control of her life.

2 Elton John

During the years ’89 and ‘90, Elton John spent an enormous amount of time in rehab clinics. His problems were cocaine and alcohol abuse, and he struggled to get over the addictions. He did manage to succeed, though, and in 1991 he declared that he was clean.

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3 Ozzy Osbourne

The Black Sabbath singer’s bitter battle against alcoholism is nearly as famous as he himself is. According to him, it was his wife Sharon who tricked him into getting into rehab by telling him that the Betty Ford Centre had a bar and they would teach him how to drink properly! He promptly went in, expecting just that, and that’s how the battle began. He has remained committed to his struggle for over 25 years, and has slowly and surely cemented his grip over his life.

4 Whitney Houston

She is one of the biggest names amongst the almost endless list of celebrities who went into rehab. She was heavily addicted to drugs, including Cocaine and Marijuana, and she even admitted that she and her former husband, Bobby Brown, used to take drugs together. After a couple of trips to rehab clinics, she claims that she is now clean.

5 Robert Downey, Jr

His star has been on the rise for quite a while now, but there was a time when things were not looking so bright for Robert Downey, Jr. Between 1996 and 2001, constant drug abuse, arrests, rehab and then more abuse, had reduced his personal life and career to a complete mess, and many doubted if he would ever be able to pick himself up. He did, and how! There was never any doubt about his acting talent, and since 2001, he has honed it steadily without the distressing use of drugs. Thank God he was one of those celebrities who went into rehab!

6 Britney Spears

Britney Spears has borne a long and ugly struggle against drug and alcohol abuse and mental disorders. One of the most famous pop sensations of her generation, she found out just how traumatic the constant limelight can get. Just like the pinnacles of her success, the lowest and worst moments of her private life were showcased by media around the world. People around her reportedly took advantage of her, and saw her all the way down to almost total breakdown. However, she seems to have come out of the worst, and now has much better charge of her life and career.

7 Ben Affleck

The multitalented and gorgeous looking Ben Affleck completes this list of celebrities who went into rehab. Alcohol abuse was his trouble and in 2001, he checked into the Promises rehab centre in Malibu, which has treated many celebrities over the years, including Robert Downey, Jr. and Charlie Sheen. Ben claimed to have successfully gotten over his addiction, but he was pictured with a drink again in 2010. He is still struggling, but has reportedly managed to conquer his nemesis.

This list of celebrities who went into rehab is by no means total. One could go on with a hundred or more famous names who have battled addictions at some stage or the other. This is only a glimpse into what seems to be the most frequently recurring theme in the world of high profile actors and musicians: the struggle against drug and alcohol abuse. What celebrities do you know that went into rehab and got out stronger?

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