7 Celebrities Who Are into Cryogenics ...

Death is a fact of life, but some celebrities just don't want to give it up. You'd expect that most stars get into the biz because they crave a little bit of immortality, but some of them take that to the next level in a major way. Of course, I'm talking about celebrities who are into cryogenics – you know, they want to be cryogenically frozen when they die, in the hope that they can later be unfrozen and healed. Or healed and unfrozen, I don't really know how it works. Some of the names on this list of celebrities who are into cryogenics will surprise you, but others, well, you almost expect it. Keep reading and see!

1. Paris Hilton

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Typically, Paris doesn't care so much about being unfrozen in the future. Rather, she's totally excited about the fact that cryogenics will make it easier to preserve her perfectly, so she'll be a really pretty corpse. Apparently, she is also looking forward to freezing her beloved dogs. Uh.

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