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Death is a fact of life, but some celebrities just don't want to give it up. You'd expect that most stars get into the biz because they crave a little bit of immortality, but some of them take that to the next level in a major way. Of course, I'm talking about celebrities who are into cryogenics โ€“ you know, they want to be cryogenically frozen when they die, in the hope that they can later be unfrozen and healed. Or healed and unfrozen, I don't really know how it works. Some of the names on this list of celebrities who are into cryogenics will surprise you, but others, well, you almost expect it. Keep reading and see!

1. Paris Hilton

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Typically, Paris doesn't care so much about being unfrozen in the future. Rather, she's totally excited about the fact that cryogenics will make it easier to preserve her perfectly, so she'll be a really pretty corpse. Apparently, she is also looking forward to freezing her beloved dogs. Uh.

2. Britney Spears

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To be fair, this is so far just an alleged rumor, but it totally sounds like Britney. See, she got interested in cryogenics after hearing the widespread (and completely false) rumor that Walt Disney had frozen himself โ€“ because, I guess, she's a Mouseketeer to the end. Evidently, she's even investing a lot of money in a cryogenics company. The story further claims that, on a trip to Disneyland, she let the nanny take the kids on all the rides while she ... researched cryogenics via the internet. Apparently Google didn't let her know that her sudden obsession was based on something that didn't happen.

3. Simon Cowell

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This โ€ฆ is totally no surprise. Simon Cowell is going to ride life until the wheels fall off, even if he wakes up in several centuries to find that Planet of the Apes is real life. And I bet, at that point, he'll have a whole new AI/X Factor gig all set to go, so all the damn dirty apes can vie for money and fame. He'll be crushing the dreams of talentless singers for years and years and years to come.

4. Larry King

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This one isn't really surprising either. It's kind of creepy though, since โ€“ to be completely honest, and you know I'm always upfront with y'all โ€“ Larry King already looks like he's ready for the freezer. I mean, this man is not aging well, and he's already so old. He's interested in the idea because he doesn't believe that anything happens to you after you die โ€“ no afterlife, nothing.

5. Gore Vidal

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I actually think it would be awesome if Gore Vidal froze himself. Knowing that there could be more books by the prolific author would be amazing. Of course, I wouldn't be able to read them myself, but in theory, it's a very cool idea. Then again, this is just an alleged statement, too.

6. Muhammad Ali

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Ali has long been interested in the science of cryogenics. Back in 1988, he visited a lab located at UC Berkeley. Everybody who knows the boxer is pretty sure he'll sign up eventually. In addition to the immense talent he had, the man also has some serious ego, so I can see this happening, yeah.

7. Paul Rudd

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I saved the best for last! Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors, and he's totally into the idea of cryogenics. Well, at least he plays like that in the movies. Still, if he really does, then my hopes for Clueless 2 can still survive.

So, be honest. Some of these guys โ€ฆ you can totally see where they'd want to go with the whole frozen bit, right? Those egos just don't want to let go! But seriously, I was surprised to death about some of these people. Still, to each their own; these are celebrities who are into cryogenics, sure, but many others want a more traditional approach โ€ฆ and I'm sure that still others want a totally outlandish send off. What are the craziest funeral plans you've ever heard about?

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