7 Hottest Young Hollywood Actresses ...

They are beautiful, famous, talented and… in their twenties! I must admit I was a bit worried and even sad to see so many new faces but then I thought about it and realized the new generation of celebrities isn’t half bad! So, instead of discussing guys, let’s talk about girls for a change and here’s my list of 7 hottest young Hollywood actresses that are yet to show just how talented they are:

1. Annalynne McCord

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She got all the doctors drooling after her in Nip/Tuck, made a very memorable appearance in Transporter 2 and scored the role of Naomi (the new Kelly-type character) in the new version of 90210 so, if that’s not enough to convince you that she should be on this list, I don’t know what is. This Hollywood hottie is only 24 which means we’ll definitely get to see her more of her in the future!

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