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7 Hottest Latino Celebrities ...

By Mishka

We have all had to bear the company of groups of boys going on and on about Latina women and how sexy they are. But guess what? The wheel turns the other way too! The next time you are caught in such a conversation, feel free to start off with just how appealing you find the deep complexions and hypnotic looks of these men. Here are the 7 hottest Latino celebrities from amongst ‘maledom’.

Table of contents:

  1. antonio banderas
  2. evandro soldati
  3. paul rodriguez jr
  4. mario lopez
  5. alex rodriguez
  6. eduardo yáñez
  7. christian meier

1 Antonio Banderas

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This man will always be around when you talk about the hottest Latino celebrities. He has aged for sure but he certainly hasn’t lost any of his Zorro charms. And that accent is enough to drive any woman crazy.

2 Evandro Soldati

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He was recently placed at 7th in Forbes’ list of the world’s most successful male models, and we won’t be surprised if he moves further ahead. With the chiseled facial structure of a Greek god, deep eyes and a body free of inhibitions, he is the perfect candidate for a woman’s fantasy.

3 Paul Rodriguez Jr

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With his cute, casual looks and boyish charms, this professional skateboarder was always going to be rich-picking for the ad and fashion world. He has a string of endorsements now, including Mountain Dew, Target and Nike. We wonder that with all his modeling and ad assignments, he gets any skateboarding done at all! Well, who cares, as long as there is enough of him to see…

4 Mario Lopez

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Mario Lopez has the kind of looks and personality that make him the ultimate date fantasy. He will entertain you, dance with you, hit on you in a cheeky manner and kiss you wonderfully well. Professionally, the American actor’s stars seem to be on the rise, and he is one you should see more of in the months ahead! Definitely one of the Hottest Latino Celebrities ever!

5 Alex Rodriguez

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A handsome and chunky baseball player from the Yankees can hardly avoid the limelight. A-Rod, as he’s more popularly known, has embraced it wholeheartedly, and often to his own detriment. However, he has carried controversy with the same flair as he has carried his killer reputation and charisma on and off the baseball field. One can never imagine that his large, dark shoulders will ever buckle…

6 Eduardo Yáñez

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How can this list of the hottest Latino celebrities be complete without him? The beefy Mexican soap-opera star is as handsome a 50-year old as you will ever find, and a living testament to the charm of older men. No one was surprised when he won the title of ‘People en Espanol Sexiest Man’ in 2008, and I believe he is even sexier now.

7 Christian Meier

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Good looks are in this sexy Pervuian singer and actor’s genes. His mother, Gladys Zender, was the first Latin American to win the Miss Universe title and one of the most beautiful women you will ever set your eyes upon. The tall and intense Christian has certainly added to the family’s good looks bank, and like a good wine, he has only become more appealing with age. Now at 40, he is at the height of his charms.

Before you start complaining that I have left out this person or that, let me admit that this list is by no means exhaustive. Who would you add to your list of the Hottest Latino Celebrities?

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