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One thing is for sure: Hollywood loves its bad boys. Whether they play great villains in the movies or behave like bad boys in their own right, Hollywood can’t get enough of them – and neither can anyone else. Who are these sexy, rascally men? Well, in truth, there’s too many to count, but here’s one list of the sexiest celebrity bad guys that might tickle your fancy!

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Robert Downey, Jr

Robert Downey, Jr Photo Credit: Giorgia ///

Robert Downey, Jr., has cleaned up his act admirably well, but not only does he remain one of the sexiest celebrity bad guys, he’s still one of Hollywood’s favorites. He’s off the drugs and making a big comeback, but there’s still something of the bad boy hiding behind all that stubble and that wicked, devil-may-care grin. And I’ve got to say, he’s got a bad little body for a guy with his history, as well – Sherlock Holmes has never been so sexy!


Jude Law

Jude Law Image source: data.whicdn.com

Oh, what can I say about Jude Law? I’ve got to tell you, I love the philandering Brit, I don’t even care if he keeps losing his hair, that face saves the day every time. Speaking of those pretty features, they’re definitely hiding a bad guy of the emotional sort. I would just imagine that it’s easy to fall in love with Mr. Law – and I imagine that the ride up is as glorious as the downward spiral is brutal. I bet none of his other wives will ever hire a nanny.



img.allw.mn Image source: data.whicdn.com

Eminem is my favorite sexy Hollywood bad boy. He’s sadly pretty much left movie roles behind (unless the current rumors are true, and I pray they are), but as a stellar artist and a terrific actor, I think he’s definitely earned the right to be called a celebrity – and he’s definitely earned the title of bad guy. He’s cleaned up his act quite a lot, but the violence depicted in his early, Kim-hating songs will live in infamy forever.


Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe Photo Credit: ~Preppy Guy2~

I’m not a huge Russell Crowe fan myself, but there’s no denying that he’s one of the sexiest celebrity bad guys out there. Women swoon at his feet – or fall to the floor if he happens to have a phone in his hand at the time. He’s got plenty of black marks on his record, but if anything, all those explosive fits of temper seem to make him more popular with the ladies.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Image source: data.whicdn.com

I love me some Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This boy is beyond pretty – and again, he’s hiding a bad boy interior behind that gorgeous face. It’s sad, actually, that he’s having so many drug and alcohol related problems, because he’s super talented in addition to being super sexy. You can only hope that, like Robert Downey, Jr., he’ll get his act together and be a bad boy in attitude rather than by action. He also makes a great bad boy on film. Ever seen Ride with the Devil? How about The Tudors? See what I mean?


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Image source: img0.liveinternet.ru

Colin Farrell has actually taken a step away from his bad boy roots and onto the primrose path as well – but, you know, a leopard can’t entirely change his spots. It seems like this hot little Irishman has won his fight against addiction, but there was that unfortunate sex tape. Even though he’s currently embracing fatherhood, I think it’s safe to say that Colin has a little bit of bad boy left in him. Besides, he still plays a great bad guy in the movies – he was the single highlight in Daredevil, for instance.


Russell Brand

img.allw.mn Image source: data.whicdn.com

You know, I want to hate Russell Brand, I really do. He can get pretty obnoxious and he’s entirely inappropriate … but there’s something unabashedly sexy about him at the same time. Marriage to Katy Perry has calmed his libido toward other women, but he’s still got a roving eye and a bagful of pranks, quips, and witty innuendos. He’s one of those funny bad guys, so you just can’t help but love him.


Christian Bale

Christian Bale Image source: data.whicdn.com

Christian Bale is one of the sexiest celebrity bad guys both on and off screen. Off screen, he’s gotten more than a little publicity thanks to his behavior, especially on set. On screen, well, can you say American Psycho? Although his IRL attitude leaves something to be desired, it takes a phenomenal talent to go from Patrick Batemen to the Dark Knight.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Image source: data.whicdn.com

Johnny’s not a real bad guy any longer – but he definitely still has the persona. Back in the day, this gorgeous boy was all about trashing hotel rooms, doing drugs, and tempestuous relationships with wild women. He’s settled down quite a bit in those respects, but he still looks like the quintessential bad boy – and with roles like Sweeney Todd under his belt, he’s still the best antihero ever.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Image source: cache.gawkerassets.com

Now, this entry may seem like a surprise, but until he hopped a ride on the crazy train, plenty of women and men alike still found Charlie Sheen pretty sexy. Plus, he’s definitely a bad guy. He’s gone a little crazy lately, that’s no question, and this is after years and years – decades – of debauched behavior. But will he still be sexy after all of this is over?

I don’t know what it is about bad boys, but I think every woman is guilty of falling in love with one at least once. Whether it’s in real life or on the silver screen, that pull is just there. Who do you think are the sexiest celebrity bad guys and why?

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Eminem is the real bad one.

They all need to grow up and be real men..not boys..they're all too old for that! Peter Pans all.

loving them all except charlie and eminem! Im sorry to hear that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is having problems...saw him in Match Point...loved it!

JOHNY DEPP! Best. Actor. Ever. (I'm expecting someone to object to that, but it's just my opinion, calm down)

I don't know why, but I absolutely adore Russell Brand

Um, where's John Mayer? I think he belongs here...Don't you? He's pretty B.A. himself.

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