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Celebrities certainly have no problem supporting any of their habits regardless of how bad, extravagant or even plain crazy those habits might be. Some of them have never fallen under the nicotine spell, some are not even trying to resist it and some… well, let’s just say the list of celebrities who quit smoking runs pretty long! Handsome Brad Pitt, beautiful Charlize Theron and wacky Whoopi Goldberg are just some of them so keep reading and you’ll find out more about celebrities who quit smoking and methods they used to deal with this bad habit.

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Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen Weight gain is to be expected once you quit smoking and it’s one of the reasons many people are still reluctant to kick this bad habit out. Now, if we, regular people are so afraid of what the lack of nicotine could do to our bodies, imagine how gorgeous supermodel Gisele must have felt when she gained 15 pounds! Yes, a woman whose career depends on her good looks has actually managed to quit smoking back in 2007 and that extra weight… well, she certainly didn’t hold on it for too long.


The fear of weight gain post-quitting is indeed a hurdle. But Gisele Bundchen, with her discipline and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, turned that challenge into an opportunity. Embracing an exercise routine and a balanced diet, she shed those extra pounds as swiftly as they had appeared. This inspiring journey goes to show that, even for those under the brightest of spotlights, health remains a priority over vanity. Gisele's success proves that with determination, overcoming the weight gain obstacle is not only possible but also empowering and transformative.


Barack Obama

Barack Obama I’m not sure if presidents count as celebrities but if they do, Mr. Obama definitely falls under the category of celebrities who quit smoking. Now, providing that the rumors are true, he has his wife, Michelle to thank for his healthier, smoke-free future as she was who demanded that he quit smoking.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Cigarettes and muscles don’t go hand in hand so Brad had to quit smoking in order to give us that Achilles we’ve lusted after while watching Troy. His habit, unfortunately, proved to be a hard one to break so he found himself sucking a cig soon after the filming was over. Angie jumped to the rescue not so long after that and the rest is history… Yup, this gorgeous hunk is a non-smoker now!


Continuing on the inspiring path to cleaner lungs and a healthier lifestyle, Brad Pitt has been quite open about his struggles with kicking the nasty habit. Adopting healthier habits, he's remained vigilant about staying smoke-free, focusing on his well-being and family. Pitt's journey serves as a beacon for fans and fellow smokers alike, showing that with determination and support, even the toughest addictions can be conquered. Plus, wouldn't you agree, he looks even more dashing without a cigarette in hand? A true testament to beauty and resilience – inside and out.




Miss bad-ass used to be a smoker, too but once she decided to quit, she didn’t need any hypnosis, gums or pills! Yup, she used the old fashioned way – cold turkey! Now, if you’re a Pink fan you probably know that she started smoking at the age of 9 and, with that being said, I can only imagine how hard it was for her to break the nicotine addiction.


Known for her fierce personality and takes-no-nonsense attitude, Pink has always been an icon of empowerment. Her decision to quit smoking—especially after such a long history with cigarettes—serves as yet another example of her strong will and determination. This rockstar's self-discipline is truly commendable, as many struggle with the withdrawal symptoms and temptation to relapse. Fans and non-fans alike can't help but admire her resilience. She's not only proven herself on stage but also in the face of personal health challenges. You gotta get up and try, and Pink did just that—showcasing a level of self-control that's as impressive as her vocal range.


Matt Damon

Matt Damon This Hollywood hottie smoked for 20 years before he finally decided to quit so I guess that proves that even hard-core smokers can deal with their nicotine addiction! Some of you may wonder what inspired Mat to make such a drastic, life-changing decision and let me just tell you the story is not as nearly as interesting as you’d hope. He saw a video of himself smoking, realized how gross it actually is and decided to turn to hypnosis to help him go from celebrity smokers to celebrities who quit smoking!


Elizabeth Hurley


There are many ways to quit smoking and Liz… well, let’s just say she had invented a brand new one! So, if chewing gums, pills or hypnosis don’t seem to be the ones for you try doing what she did – suck on a baby’s pacifier whenever you feel like you could use a cigarette! This weird technique apparently did wonders for Liz and not only did she manage to quit smoking but she gave the paparazzi one hell of a story.


Hurley's unorthodox method, quirky as it seemed, pointed to a more profound readiness to kick the habit. It wasn't the first time a celebrity had turned to peculiar strategies in lieu of conventional quitting aids. Indeed, Liz's dedication to dousing the desire for nicotine by using a baby's pacifier highlighted an often-overlooked truth about the journey to becoming smoke-free. Each individual's path can be as unique as they are, sometimes requiring a personal touch or a dash of creativity. And for those looking on, perhaps even a moment of amusement mingled with inspiration.


Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore Drew used to call herself a “smokeaholic” but, luckily, she’s a whole different person, now. And not only did she manage to deal with her drug and alcohol- related problems but she’s also one of the many celebrities who quit smoking! Hypnosis worked for her just as well as it did for Matt Damon so, if you’re looking for an easier way out, you should give it some thought, too.

But these are hardly the only celebrities who quit smoking and chose to have a better, healthier life. So I’m asking you, now – which other ex-celebrity smokers could you name?

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