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Celebrity Bad Girls intrigue us all. Τhey are famous, rich, beautiful and BAD! Why? Because they can get away with it! We can love them or hate them but one thing is for sure – we always want to know more about the hottest celebrity bad girls. What did they do? What did they say? Is their new video or movie really that shocking? Well, hello gossip column, I’m eagerly waiting for my daily dose of fresh celebrity gossip! But, wait, that’s not why I’m here so, before I get all distracted, let me give you a list of my top 8 hottest celebrity bad girls:

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Tattoos, blood, shocking comments and outrageous behavior – Angie was bad, before Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton could even spell that word! However, sexy Lara Croft didn’t let her bad-ass behavior affect her career so it’s safe to say Angie is still one of the most popular actresses. Unfortunately, this type of “fame” never gets completely forgotten so, whenever tabloids have nothing to write about, a new Brangelina scandal is born!


Despite shedding her wild child persona for a role as a humanitarian and devoted mother, Angelina Jolie has retained an enigmatic allure that keeps the public fascinated. Her transformation from a Hollywood rebel to an advocate for global issues and women's rights showcases her depth and versatility, both as a performer and as a person. Yet, the allure of her past as a femme fatale persists, underscoring that a true bad girl can evolve while keeping the flame of intrigue alight. Angelina continues to captivate audiences with her talent and heart, truly defining what it means to be a modern icon.



Pink She’s “wrong in all the right ways,” a go-getter, the one in control and we totally love her for that! Unlike the other hottest celebrity bad girls, Pink isn’t the one making scandals and stuff but is using her attitude to make a point. You can agree or disagree with her, she doesn’t give a *#!#. And guess what? Neither should you! You know why? Because if Pink was listening to what everybody else were saying, she would probably grow up to be one of those “stupid girls” we all hate.


Pink's electrifying confidence blasts through the echoes of naysayers. She's a fireball of authenticity, crushing stereotypes with her gravelly voice and punk-rock energy. Her rebellion? It's carved with purpose, etched in the lyrics she belts out with unapologetic fervor. Pink stands as a beacon for those daring to be different, her rasp-throated anthems a soundtrack for empowerment. When she swaggers onto the stage, it's not just a performance, it's a battle cry for individuality, and her army of fans roars in approval.


Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim This famous female rapper is so bad, she has even served time in a real prison and came back stronger, sexier and just as provocative as she has always been. Most people say her outfits could use a bit more fabric and her lyrics a bit more censorship but, guess what? Kim has an army of fans who love her because of her unique style, sex appeal, provocative lyrics and gangsta attitude.


Kim's unapologetic flair extends beyond fashion and music, as she regularly sets trends instead of following them. With a fierce independence and a controversial past, including a high-profile perjury case, she embodies the rebellious spirit that her fans admire. Whether she's rocking the red carpet or spitting rhymes that push the envelope, this Queen Bee isn't afraid to sting with both her bold statements and her fearless attitude. Her loyal followers wouldn't have it any other way; they thrive on her ability to constantly reinvent herself while staying true to her roots.


Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera Christina is not an ordinary Disney kid although she did make her big entrance looking like a Britney clone. But don’t worry, Christina! We do forgive you for that! We’re happy you’ve realized that pink, fuzzy, sugary style is just not your thing and decided to change it. We love your amazing voice, inspiring lyrics and the way your style has evolved from Dirrty to Bionic. No wonder you're one of the hottest celebrity bad girls!


With pipes that can bring down the house and a reinvention streak that keeps her fresh and exciting, Aguilera has proven she's far more than a pop princess. She embodies raw empowerment, unafraid to get a little 'Dirrty' or show her vulnerabilities in beautiful ballads. Sure, Xtina has had her share of eye-brow raising moments, but that's just part of her allure. Whether she's belting out hits on 'The Voice' or advocating for important causes, she captivates. Here's to Christina, a bona fide bad girl with a heart of gold and the ferocity of a lioness.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga isn’t “bad to the bone,” in fact, she prefers her fashion deboned! Some say she’s rude, others love her for her unique style and I… I’m just waiting to see what she’ll do next! This girl has gone from SM to “PETA, this means war!” in like what, a year? But, is she really that bad? Well, according to her, she’s even worse! She is a… MONSTER!


Lady Gaga's avant-garde fashion often sends shockwaves through the media, but it's her unabashed individuality that truly ignites conversations. From her meat dress that stirred a frenzy to her head-turning red carpet appearances, Gaga knows how to keep us on the edge of our seats. She’s a chameleon of expression, mixing provocative art with social commentary. Her boldness isn't just for show; behind the theatrics, she's a staunch advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health awareness. So maybe she's not just a monster, she's a maestro of modern pop culture, orchestrating a symphony of spectacle and substance.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton If Pink is wrong in all the right ways, Paris is bad in all the wrong ones! But seriously, there’s nothing this girl won’t do for fame, not-so-private “private” videos included! Strangely, no matter how badly she messes up, there will always be a lot of people who still think she rocks. Okay, I respect that. I can’t really say I agree with it, but hey, let’s be honest about one thing – she is a good dresser and she always has the most amazing shoes. There, I can say a nice thing about her after all. Hey, she one of the hottest celebrity bad girls out there for a reason...


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Compared to her career, even the Apollo 13 mission sounds like a complete success. I’m sure you know everything there is to know about her, so I don’t really need to explain why is she on this list. I am ranking her very low even though she has succeeded in her mission to be the ultimate bad girl. Why? Because a real bad girl knows how to handle her “badness” and knows when it’s a good time to stop, while Lindsay obviously doesn’t know any of that.


Lohan's litany of run-ins with the law, from DUIs to theft allegations, paints a chaotic portrait of a Hollywood darling turned rebel. Despite her prodigious talent, her personal escapades overshadow her professional achievements. She's a classic case of fame's double-edged sword—irresistible and destructive. But hope flickers as she seems to be aiming for redemption, with stints in rehabilitation and attempts to revitalize her acting career. Let's face it, though, the public is addicted to her rollercoaster lifestyle just as much as she seems to be. Whether a comeback is on the horizon or not, Lindsay continues to fascinate.



Snooki They say poison is kept in small bottles. Hmm, I wonder what Snooki would have to say about that? One thing is for sure, this girl has had her ”5 minutes with the judge” more than once and, according to the press, he wasn’t a fan. In fact, he even called her a Lindsay Lohan wannabe! Ouch! But, hey, now we know exactly where to put her so, meet our bad girl number 8! Ranked lower than Lindsay because, once you’ve been called a Lindsay Lohan wannabe, you know you’ve hit rock bottom! Currently, you can keep tuned in to Jersey Shore to see if Snooki continues the behavior that makes her one of the biggest celebrity bad girls.

Celebrity bad girls are all over the place, each trying to dethrone her fellow wicked hotties. Now, mind you, this is just my opinion on which celebrity bad girls are the hottest and the outright baddest. Your mileage may differ, but I want to know about it! Let me know about your picks for the hottest celebrity bad girls. Which celebs would you put on this list and which ones would you love to see taken off the list or even completely banned?

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this article? really?

Snooki? Really?

Love Angelina, Pink and Lindsay. I can't help it if they inspire me!

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