22 Hottest Blonde Celebrities ...


22 Hottest Blonde Celebrities ...
22 Hottest Blonde Celebrities ...

How many times have you heard that blondes have more fun?! Almost makes me want to put on a blonde wig and test the theory myself. I may not know how much truth there is to that but I know for a fact that when you are as hot as some of our celebrities below, it really doesn't matter! Check out our pick for the 20 hottest blonde celebrities...

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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson Shade of Blonde: Golden blonde

True Hair Color: Blonde

Famous for: Her forgettable films (ironically)

What Makes This Blondie Hot: Her smile...

Okay so I'd rather not watch her act but that does not mean that Kate Hudson isn't lovely especially with that radiant smile! Not to mention her intense feline eyes. Good genes I suppose? Her personal life may not be a success story per se but she's young, gorgeous and has miles to go...


Ali Larter

Ali Larter **Shade of Blonde: **Golden blonde
** True Hair Color: **Blonde
** Famous for: **Her whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **That body!

This woman is sizzling HOT** **with the kind of perfectly toned body that I could only dream of and still not achieve. Now usually women get hotter after achieving superhero status but Ali Larter would be just as sweltering sans that. Full marks from me! Here's hoping to see more of her in the near future....


Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman **Shade of Blond: **Strawberry blonde
** True Hair Color: **Red
** Famous for: **Her rocky marriage with Tom Cruise
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **Her elegance...

I know we don't see much of her lately but that's a good thing. Looks like Nicole is finally happy with her marriage. Who wouldn't be with a gorgeous husband like Keith Urban and their beautiful baby Sunday Rose. Nicole is always so impeccably dressed, ever elegant, ever gorgeous ...timeless!


Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl **Shade of Blonde: **Golden blonde
** True Hair Color: **Blonde
** Famous for: **Her role as Izzie Stevens in Grey's Anatomy
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **The old -school Hollywood glamour she exudes.

So Katherine Heigl has built herself quite a reputation for being a difficult diva with her tantrums on the sets of Greys Anatomy and her latest movie Five Killers. I personally find "Izzie Stevens" a tad annoying. I almost wish they'd killed her in the previous season. But anyway this is about the woman behind the character. She's stunning no doubt but I hope she remembers that beauty and fame both fade.


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova Shade of Blond: Golden **blonde
True Hair Color:** Blonde
** Famous for: **Tennis anyone?
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **Her exotic Russian features.

You know that rare breed of girls who can be sporty, tom boyish and smokin' HOT** ** all at the same time? That's Maria Sharapova for you! Her talent on the field is indisputable what with her being the highest paid female athlete worldwide. Yes I know a lot of it has to do with how hot she looks. But even the best looking need more than just their looks to survive me thinks...


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon Shade of Blond: Honey blonde
True Hair Color: Brown
Famous for: Being "Legally Blonde"
What Makes This Blondie Hot: Her charming personna!
Aww. She's so cute! She reminds me of my best friend just a little bit. Always so bubbly and full of life! I loved her in Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama (that one was such a romantic movie...Sigh!). But her versatility as an actress really shone through in Vanity Fair and Walk the Line. And by the way, hers is a classic ugly duckling turned to beautiful swan story. So those of you think she was always this gorgeous, you could NOT have been more wrong....


Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet **Shade of Blonde: **Honey blonde
** True Hair Color: **Blonde
** Famous for: **Her flawless acting
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **She's curvy and she loves it!

Here's one woman who has no qualms about presenting herself just the way she is...curves, wrinkles et all. And why not? Kate Winslet is absolutely divine...not to mention her prodigious acting skills. Her movies are always a delight to watch as are her interviews. If there's one thing I want to learn from her, it would be to age gracefully.


Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller ** **

Shade of Blonde: **Honey blonde
True Hair Color:** Blonde
** Famous for: Her **rocky relationship with Jude Law.
** What Makes This Blondie Hot: **Her personal sense of style.

This pretty American born British star is probably better known for her tumultous relationship with ex fianc

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Charlize Theron is number 1 like it or not.

you know who else screams beautiful although they are not modern day starlets? Grace Kelly and Lauren Bacall (although she was on the darker end of the blonde spectrum)! such elegance and loveliness!

Marisa Miller if my favourite she's hot and even women find her sexy which takes skills cus we are more more sensual than visual.

You have no taste at all!

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