7 Juicy Celebrity Rumors ...


7 Juicy Celebrity Rumors ...
7 Juicy Celebrity Rumors ...

Oh yeah, it’s time to start digging in some juicy rumors! Some of these may not be rumors and that makes it even more interesting. The celebrity gossip is back in town! If you love reading about celebrities, then it’s time to get in on some good old celebrity action!

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Lindsay Lohan Suing for One Hundred Million Buckaroos? Seriously?

Lindsay Lohan Suing for One Hundred Million Buckaroos? Seriously? Photo Credit: The Curse Of Brian

Here comes Lindsay Lohan, suing for one hundred million bucks, but who is she suing? Have those marbles officially fallen out of this girls head? She is suing E-Trade over a television commercial where babies are “talking” to one another and one of them mentions the name “Lindsay” and calls her a milk-o-holic. Lindsay Lohan is saying that the term “milk-o-holic” is referring to her past struggles as an alcoholic. Come on Lindsay! You are not the only Lindsay in this world and babies are milk-o-holics!


Fergie, Fergie, Fergie, Where Did You Get That Flexibility?

Fergie, Fergie, Fergie, Where Did You Get That Flexibility? Photo Credit: MTV Music

Fergie is well known for many things, such as beautiful eyes, great lips and much more. Did you know The Black Eyed Peas’ singer is extremely flexible? She actually proves this one in her latest magazine appearance. She is shown in a really short dress as she is lifting her leg up in the air over her head. When she got married last year, she was staying away from sexually explicit pictorials, but that seems to be quickly changing as she is showing those curves again!


Sharon Osbourne is Selling Her Cans on EBay Now?

Sharon Osbourne is Selling Her Cans on EBay Now? Photo Credit: Dave Nicoll

Okay, so here is the scoop: Sharon is not happy with the results of a breast enhancement she has just gotten. She has a plan to fix it! And I quote from her, "I wish I’d never had my breasts done the last time. They’ve put these bloody great bags in that are too F**** round – it’s like a waterbed on your chest.” It has been estimated that she has spend around four hundred and fifty thousand dollars on plastic surgery. I quote again, “I hate my t*ts. I want to have the bags taken out and then I’ll put them on eBay!” Yeah… so there you have it! Maybe she is going to get some cash back! How many would buy her cans? I wouldn’t…


CSI Star’s Public Pee Episode?

CSI Star’s Public Pee Episode? Photo Credit: cinekink

Come on, Gerald McCullouch, you are a big boy! You know how to hold it! This CSI star was ordered to go to a counseling session after the NYPD caught him in public urinating. Okay, so you had a little too much to drink and you felt the urge to uhm… ask your cab driver to pull over on the side of the road so you could pee? Oh imagine that one! Sitting there peeing and then get surrounded by three cops! He said “Officer, at least let me finish!” Okay… so next time, you may want to use the toilet instead.


Peter Andre Suffered from 20 Panic Attacks Every Day?

Peter Andre Suffered from 20 Panic Attacks Every Day? Photo Credit: osmahoo

Holy celebrity! That is a lot of panic attacks to suffer from every day. Yeah, well, if we were married to the train wreck he was married to, we would probably have those panic attacks too. He has recently opened up about his battle with this problem. In his 20’s, he went through treatment at a psychiatric hospital, but now he is managing his condition with medication.


Hannah Montana! Don’t Leave!

Hannah Montana! Don’t Leave! Photo Credit: jafopix

Hannah, my daughter loves watching your shows every day and I must say, I know the words to most of your songs. The Disney Channel has premiered the first of their 2 part season finale of her show. This show has 6.3 million viewers and has taken the number one spot in cable telecasts.


Lady GaGa Doesn’t Get Any? You’re Kidding!

Lady GaGa Doesn’t Get Any? You’re Kidding! Photo Credit: AHMEDANY

Okay, so news is out that Lady GaGa does not get any! You’re kidding right? I mean, because I thought every guy would be wanting to have their go at her? You know, it’d kinda be like doing a creature from outer space. Okay, here reason is because she just does not have time to have sex. Oh, come on! How could you not have time for this! It’s okay though, if you can’t get to know a guy, then you shouldn’t have sex with them anyways. If only others would stick to this! Am I going to get harsh comments for saying that? Oh well, it’s my opinion.

So there we go, 7 celebrity juicy rumors that I just had to share with you. Stay tuned as I continue to follow these celebs and pick up on those juicy rumors! I promise if I hear anything juicy, I will share it with you. In the meantime, have you heard anything about a favorite celebrity?

Top Photo Credit: The Curse Of Brian

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