5 Celebrity Couples Who Just Tied the Knot ...

There is something about wedding news that makes me happy. Perhaps because the subjects are happy. Or perhaps the photos accompanying the news almost always involve beautiful dresses and flowers. So we have here 5 celebrity couples who tied the knot very recently. We will not see actual wedding photos for some of them but I'm sure each piece of news will make you smile. Tell us, which of these couples is your fave?

1. Gemma Arterton and Stefano Catelli

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Gemma was the lovely leading lady of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia. Gemma and Stefano, a fashion manager, got engaged last summer and got married last week in Spain. Theirs was a love at first sight kind of story. She even admitted that right after meeting Stefano, she wrote on her diary that she has met the man she was going to marry. Stefano felt the same. AWWW!

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