7 Celebrity Dream Couples ...

We read so much about the love lives of celebrities these days, and it occurs to me that there are some stars who would be perfect together. Here are my fantasy love matches …

1. Madonna and Angelina Jolie

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These two are almost made for each other, with their tendency to shock and their fondness for collecting, sorry adopting children. They could certainly afford a house big enough for all the family, but would it be big enough to accommodate their egos?

2. Lady Gaga and Elton John

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Sure, he’s gay and she’s … well, who knows? But could there possibly be a more flamboyant couple in the world than this two? Anything Gaga does, Sir Elton was there decades ago.

3. Cheryl Cole and Her Cardboard Cutout

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Photo Credit: Dee Spally

No chance of the cutout doing the dirty on poor Cheryl, and she could enjoy admiring herself. Plus the cutout won’t sing, so Cheryl can maintain her delusion that she can.

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4. Amy Winehouse and One of the Jonas Brothers

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Photo Credit: Hey Little Rich Girl

Not only could this make for an interesting musical collaboration, but it is to be hoped that the famously clean-living brothers could put Amy back on the straight and narrow, so that she can finally become better known for her music again.

5. Amy Winehouse and Mickey Rourke

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Photo Credit: nikorimages / Photojournalism is not dead!

Or, looking at things from a different perspective … these two well-known hellraisers would have no problem keeping up with each other. In fact, Amy is probably the only woman who could possibly match Mickey’s party lifestyle. The only question is, which one would burn out first?

6. Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton

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Photo Credit: U.S. Department of State

This could keep the so-called β€˜special relationship’ going. If Hillary makes another bid for the White House, Tony would be there to support her and offer all his experience with running for office. Wouldn’t he make a lovely First Lady …

7. Tom Cruise and John Travolta

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Photo Credit: xrrr

Poor Katie Holmes hasn’t looked happy since she met Tom, so what better partner for him than fellow Scientologist Travolta? The only way this pairing could possibly fail is if Cruise gets a complex about being too short.

Which celebrities would you like to see together? Who would make the perfect couples?

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