7 Movie Characters I'd Love to Be ...


7 Movie Characters I'd Love to Be ...
7 Movie Characters I'd Love to Be ...

What better way to escape a weird family, boring job, and less-than-glamorous life than to imagine you’re a character from one of your favorite movies? I do it a lot, and I definitely have favorite daydreams… riding on the back of my boyfriend’s scooter in Paris, enjoying a candle-lit birthday dinner with my hunky boyfriend, exploring an ancient ruin to save the world… here’s my list of the 7 movie characters I’d love to be!

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Amelie She’s certainly got her quirks, and I’m not entirely sure I’d enjoy being a waitress again, but I’d love the Amelie anyway. I love all of her oddities, her apartment, her cat, her neighbors, her wit, and her style… and of course, her wonderful boyfriend, Nino!


Lara Croft

Lara Croft Whether she’s starring in the video game series or in the Tomb Raider movies, Lara Croft has it all. She’s independently wealthy, gorgeous, skilled in all forms of ass-whooping, and knows everything about archaeology. She’s like a female Indiana Jones, another one of my movie heroes!


Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet What girl wouldn’t want to be Elizabeth Bennett? Granted, her mother and younger sisters are an embarrassment, to say the least, but her older sister and aunt, uncle, and father are wonderful, and she does end up in love with Darcy. Darcy, mmm!


Yu Shu Lien

Yu Shu Lien She’s beautiful, respected, successful, and a martial arts master. I’d love to be Yu Shu Lien! Yes, at the end of the film she loses the man she’s loved for years, but with his last breath he tells her he loves her too… so romantic!


Princess Leia

Princess Leia If I could be any of the original Star Wars characters, I’d be Hans Solo… but since he’s a guy, I’d make Princess Leia my second choice. In an age when most women in movies were demure damsels in distress, she was brave, tough, and sassy… and she wore great clothes and lipstick!


Samantha Baker

Samantha Baker At first glance, Sam’s life doesn’t seem very perfect — her entire family forgets her 16th birthday, her older sister is a self-centered idiot, and her younger brother is a foul-mouthed pest… oh, and let’s not forget she gets felt up by her grandmother… but by the end of the movie, she’s captured the heart of the gorgeous Jake Ryan… score!



Arwen She’s beautiful, brilliant, and immortal. And she’s won the heart of Aragorn, the dirty but dashing King of Men. Her world is all quiet and peace, tranquility and love, but she’s also a total bad-ass, rescuing Frodo and saving his little Hobbit life.

I don’t think I could ever decide which of these movie characters I’d love to be most, so this weekend, I think I’ll watch Amelie and The Lord of the Rings and Sixteen Candles and take turns being all of them! Which of these film characters would you like to be? Or is there another one you’d like to be more who’s not on my list? Please share!

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It's HAN Solo though :D

Lara Croft or at least Angelina Jolie.,,,,,,,,,,you have everything,

Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. Her life is a disaster but all those free clothes!

Elizabeth Bennet! (: Her voice exists in my internal monologue. No way could I be brave and witty as her!

Loving 6 && 7. I am A HUGE Molly R. Fan..The Girl Has Classic Films lol. @ above lol meryl had a mess of a life, but she was awesome n knew her fashion *That's All* :] I'd have to Say I would want 2b Julia Roberts in Eat.Pray.Love..I Know it has not come out yet but.. I would love to take control..leave town..and live by MY OWN rules and expectations. :)

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