45 Surprising Pictures of Celebrities when They Were Kids ...

By Sheila

Have you ever wondered what 7 Reasons Celebrities Aren't the Same ... @Lyndsie looked like long before they became the stars that they are today? Were they cute? angelic? perhaps a little dorky with huge glasses? Well wonder no more! Here's presenting 44 absolutely delightful pictures of celebrities from their childhood. Enjoy! :)

1 Avril Lavigne

Oh my my! A wee bit nerdy but cute nonetheless. Who knew she would turn out to be a rockstar of sorts someday...

Avril Lavigne After:
Avril Lavigne

2 Axl Rose

Agreed the picture isn't quite clear but from what I can see he was quite a good looking kid...shiny hair et all.

Axl Rose After:
Axl Rose

3 Barbara Streisand

Not a fan of Barbara but I gotta say, she looks quite lovely don't you think?

Barbara Streisand After:
Barbara Streisand

4 Ben Stiller

All I have to say is that I love the big poofy hair! Go 70's!!!

Ben Stiller After:
Ben Stiller

5 Brad Pitt

Sigh! So he was always pretty. He must have been one of those guys in high school that all the girls loved and all the guys loathed.

Brad Pitt After:
Brad Pitt

6 Cameron Diaz

Cameron was such a pretty little girl. I adore the feathered hair-do!

Cameron Diaz After:
Cameron Diaz

7 Charlize Theron

Omg! I can't get over those glasses. They're actually pretty darn adorable especially over those gorgeous green eyes.

Charlize Theron After:
Charlize Theron

8 Cher

Cher looks like quite a charming young woman don't you think? Love the smile!

Cher After:

9 Dave Mustaine

Dave is one of those people who grow older but retain the same facial features know what I mean? Same face. Crazier hair!

Dave Mustaine After:
Dave Mustaine

10 Demi Moore

I'm starting to believe that the best looking people have always looked good which is NOT good news for someone like me who went through a rather long awkward ugly teen phase!

Demi Moore After:
Demi Moore

11 Duff McKagan

Awwww an angelic face with a naughty little gleam** **in his eyes!

Duff McKagan After:
Duff McKagan

12 Eddie Van Halen

Eddie reminds me of one of those geeky kids who you'd never associate with hard rock** **of all things but here he is!

Eddie Van Halen After:
Eddie Van Halen

13 Freddie Mercury

Awww! What a cute little baby he was. I have to smile when I see that smile!

Freddie Mercury After:
Freddie Mercury

14 George Clooney

Looks like George was another one of those genetically blessed, insanely good looking kids. Look at that gorgeous set of teeth!

George Clooney After:
George Clooney

15 Gwen Stefani

Gwen doesn't seem to have changed much including...ahem..ahem... body wise.

Gwen Stefani After:
Gwen Stefani

16 Halle Berry

Wow! I would have never guessed that was Halle Berry. She looks like a different person altogether** **don't you think?

Halle Berry After:
Halle Berry

17 Harrison Ford

Now that's a dapper looking lad! I wish he was smiling in the picture though. That would have been perfect.

Harrison Ford After:
Harrison Ford

18 Hugh Hefner

I wonder if Hugh's always been a** **"ladies man". He does look like a charming young man...

Hugh Hefner After:
Hugh Hefner

19 Izzy Stradlin

Woah! What happened here?! I know...I know...sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Izzy Stradlin After:
Izzy Stradlin

20 James Hetfield

A normal looking kid with amazing amazing talent! Phew!

James Hetfield After:
James Hetfield

21 Jason Newsted

Haha! I love how similar the smirks are in both the pictures...

Jason Newsted After:
Jason Newsted

22 Jennifer Love-Hewitt

What can I say...she's still got that lovely, endearing smile!

Jennifer Love-Hewitt After:
Jennifer Love-Hewitt

23 Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi was definitely dashing! Are all rock stars born hot?

Jon Bon Jovi After:
Jon Bon Jovi

24 Katie Holmes

Most of us (including Tom :D) have seen her grow up and there's no denying that she's always been absolutely adorable!

Katie Holmes After:
Katie Holmes

25 Kirk Hammet

Okay so not all rock stars are born hot. But that is one amazing transformation!

Kirk Hammet After:
Kirk Hammet

26 Lars Ulrich

I love his baby picture. He almost looks like an angel! Especially with those eyes...

Lars Ulrich After:
Lars Ulrich

27 Leonardo Di Caprio

Awww look! Leonardo with his Titanic hairdo. How cute!

Leonardo Di Caprio After:
Leonardo Di Caprio

28 Marilyn Manson

Uhh...I'd rather not say anything bad about him. I'm scared he might find me and eat me. :D

Marilyn Manson After:
Marilyn Manson

29 Matt Damon

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!** **Yes I did need to repeat that thrice...

Matt Damon After:
Matt Damon

30 Milla Jovovich

Okay I don't exactly like the hair but her face is so enchanting and pretty!

Milla Jovovich After:
Milla Jovovich

31 Oprah Winfrey

Winning smile. A bold face that exudes confidence! What do you know. Oprah's younger self reminds me completely of the Oprah we know today!

Oprah Winfrey After:
Oprah Winfrey

32 Ozzy Osbourne

Sigh! He was such an adorable little kid. Major emphasis on the "was"....

Ozzy Osbourne After:
Ozzy Osbourne

33 Pamela Anderson

I see no resemblance whatsoever! Blame the plastic surgery I guess...

Pamela Anderson After:
Pamela Anderson

34 Renée Zellweger

Honestly I don't see the similarity but I've gotta say that she was incredibly pretty. So much so that I might actually prefer** **her younger self.

Renée Zellweger After:
Renée Zellweger

35 Richard Gere

Wow! My heart just skipped a beat. He almost looks divine!

Richard Gere After:
Richard Gere

36 Robin Williams

Wide forehead aside, Robin Williams was actually pretty cute don't you think?

Robin Williams After:
Robin Williams

37 Sebastian Bach

Awww! I adore his little freckles! Yeah, I'm strange....

Sebastian Bach After:
Sebastian Bach

38 Sharon Stone

I love her golden locks and her innocent doe eyes....Ofcourse Sharon's anything but innocent but that's a topic for another day :)

Sharon Stone After:
Sharon Stone

39 Shirley Manson

I don't mean to be rude but the years have definitely done her some good...

Shirley Manson After:
Shirley Manson

40 Slash

Omg don't you just love his baby picture on the right? Who knew under all that hair....

Slash After:

41 Snoop Dogg

I'm trying really hard to put aside the fact that I hate his music to say something nice but I can't seem to do it. So I leave this one upto you readers...

Snoop Dogg After:
Snoop Dogg

42 Steven Tyler

Well what do you know...he was a cute kid!!!

Steven Tyler After:
Steven Tyler

43 Will Smith

Will Smith may look just a wee bit geeky especially with that trace of a mustache but I still adore him!

Will Smith After:
Will Smith

44 Zakk Wylde

Who would have ever thought that this innocent little boy would grow up to be so...umm..loud! :D

Zakk Wylde After:
Zakk Wylde And here's something for our lovely reader, Xannyyy. Thank you for your wonderful suggestion! :)

45 Jennifer Aniston

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