The 26 Sexiest Bond Girls of All Time ...


The 26 Sexiest Bond Girls of All Time  ...
The 26 Sexiest Bond Girls of All Time  ...

Presenting the 26 Sexiest Bond Girls of all time....

"The nature of Bond's job rules out any long term commitments. For one thing, as soon as another mission comes along, he'll fall in love with a new girl."

That's, the reason why no James Bond movie is ever complete without a sexy, sophisticated, kick-ass Bond girl!

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Ursula Andress as Honey Rider

DR. NO, rsula Andress, Dr. No, Ursula Andress, 1962, clothing, barechestedness, I bet my dad still has a poster of Ursula Andress somewhere. For me, she's still the ultimate Bond girl. That scene of her rising from the beach in her skimpy white bikini, singing "Underneath the Mango Tree" is so iconic that Halle Berry decided to follow suit decades later! Ursula is a 72-year old actress now - but for those who have seen her as Honey Ryder in "Dr. No" - she's still the ultimate sex symbol!


Ursula Andress is widely recognized as one of the most iconic Bond girls of all time. She rose to fame in 1962 when she appeared as Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, "Dr. No." At the time, she was only 26 years old and her role as the stunning, bikini-clad Bond girl solidified her status as a sex symbol. Andress continued to pursue acting, appearing in various films and TV shows throughout the years. Today, at 72 years old, she is still remembered as one of the most beautiful and alluring Bond girls in the franchise's history. Her portrayal of Honey Ryder continues to be an inspiration for other Bond girls and remains a beloved part of pop culture.


Izabella Scorupco as Natalya Simonova

clothing, person, photography, lingerie, undergarment, Polish actress Izabella Scorupco played Natalya Simonova in the 1995 film "GoldenEye". The Bond girl with the smouldering eyes is now 38-years old. But fans of the movie franchise will not forget her take as a Russian computer programmer who helped Bond, James Bond save the day.


Glowing on screen with her effortless charm and intelligent allure, Scorupco's Natalya was more than just eye candy. She embodied a blend of strength and vulnerability that resonated well beyond the screen. A far cry from damsels in distress, her portrayal was pivotal to the modern evolution of Bond women—no longer mere side pieces but dynamic characters in their own right. As Natalya, Scorupco cracked codes and stereotypes, making her an unforgettable part of Bond's high-stakes world.


Caroline Munro as Naomi

clothing, gravure idol, lingerie, black hair, supermodel, For those of you who weren't even born yet when the film was made, the Mike Myers starrer "The Spy Who Shagged Me" is actually a spoof of the 1977 Bond film "The Spy who Loved Me". Here, English actress Caroline Mounro played Naomi, a Bond girl who starred oppposite Roger Moore. Love her seductive, evil look!


Mie Hama as Kissy Suzuki

hair, clothing, swimwear, supermodel, hairstyle, Kissy Suzuki has the distinct honor of tying the knot with James Bond in a "mock" wedding ceremony. The film is entitled "You Only Live Twice", sexy Sean Connery is James Bond and the actress who played Kissy is Mie Hama. This former Bond babe who sizzled in a white bikini is now a 64-year old actress media figure and environmentalist in Japan.


Martine Beswick as Zora/Paula Caplan

clothing, swimwear, photography, beauty, supermodel, Jamaican actress and model Martine Beswick was a Bond girl twice. Her first appearance was in "From Russia with Love" where she played the fiery gypsy Zora. She also played Paula Caplan in "Thunderball" - which both starred Sean Connery as James Bond.


Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight

hair, face, person, nose, hairstyle, Britt Ekland is a Swedish actress who immediately qualified as a Bond girl: she's blond, she knows how to handle a gun, and she looks good in a bikini. Britt starred with Roger Moore in the 1974 film "The Man with the Golden Gun." Here's one interesting trivia: the actress was first offered the role of Scaramanga's girlfriend in the film - but the producers changed their mind and made her a Bond girl instead when they saw her in a bikini.


Caterina Murino as Solange

clothing, undergarment, lingerie, dress, brassiere, 30-year old Caterina Murino is one of the most recent Bond girls - she starred alongside Daniel Craig iin the 2006 film "Casino Royale". Caterina was born in Sardinia, Italy but she began a career in television in 2002. Unfortunately for all the Solange fans out there, we will not see her reprise the same role in upcoming Bond flicks because her character was found strangled on a hammock outside a hotel in the movie.


Jill St. John as Tiffany Case

hair, face, clothing, hairstyle, nose, "Diamonds are forever" may not be part of the lines that she had to read, but it is the title of the 1971 film where Jill St. John played Tiffany Case. The intelligent actress played one of the many women who literally Bond-ed (pun intended) with Sean Connery's character back then.


Claudine Auger as Domino Derval

hair, photograph, clothing, person, woman, Paris-born Claudine Oger was a former Miss France Monde who started her acting career in the 1960's. She played a Bond girl opposite Sean Connery in the 1965 film "Thunderball". Her character Domino had to betray her guardian in order to help the 007 agent.


Carmen Du Sautoy as Saida

clothing, abdomen, fashion, dress, photo shoot, English actress Carmen du Sautoy literally danced with pleasure to play a Bond girl opposite Roger Moore in the 1974 film "The Man with the Golden Gun". Carmen played the role of Lebanese femme fatale Saida - if you're a belly dancer in a Bond movie, the audience will not forget you any time soon.


Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterton

hair, human hair color, blond, clothing, person, English actress Shirley Eaton is best known to Bond fans as the blonde who sunned herself in the balcony in black lingerie. Her character Jill Eaton also had one of the most memorable death scenes in the film franchise's history. In the 1964 film "Goldfinger", Jill's entire body was painted gold, claiming that she died of "skin suffocation".


Denise Richards as Dr. Christmas Jones

barechestedness, person, muscle, supermodel, model, If there's one Bond girl that I personally do not like, that's Denise Richards. The 37-year old actress played Dr. Christmas Jones in the 1999 film "The World is not Enough" where Pierce Brosnan played the lead character. I don't think she's a good actress at all - and her personal life leaves much to be emulated.


Famke Jannsenn as Xenia Onatopp

lady, beauty, fashion, model, photo shoot, What is it about Russian superspies and their sexy accents? That's exactly what Xenia Sergeyevna is all about. This Bond girl was played by 42-year old actress Famke Jannsenn in the 1995 film "GoldenEye". Interestingly enough, Famke says that she's the only brunette in her family of blondes - which suited perfectly for her role in the film.


Trina Parks as Thumper

dance, black and white, performing arts, human positions, sports, Her appearance in the 1971 film "Diamonds are Forever" lasted for about five minutes - but it's enough time for us to remember her as the first African-American Bond girl. The actress who played Thumper is Trina Parks - and the sight of all that dark skin in a skimpy yellow bikini is literally breathtaking.


Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton

hair, human hair color, face, blond, hairstyle, Stacey Sutton is a Californian geologist who later on helps James Bond to unravel a villain's nefarious plan. The actress who played this Bond girl in 1985 is Tanya Roberts, and the movie is "A View to a Kill" with Roger Moore at the helm. Tanya also played a Charlie's Angel, replacing Shelley Hack in 1980. It was also in this decade when she rose to fame as the ultimate sex symbol.


Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova

hair, face, nose, black hair, supermodel, Believe it or not, XXX is the code name of Bond girl Anya Amasova who was played by actress/model Barbara Bach. She wooed the secret agent in the 1977 movie "The Spy Who Loved Me". In real life, Barbara is still happily married to Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.


Olga Kurylenko as Camille

Olga Kurylenko as Camille 28-year old hottie Olga Kurylenko is a Ukranian model and actress. The green-eyed stunner will play Bond girl Camille in the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace". It's the sequel to the 2006 hit "Casino Royale", and this is the second time that Daniel Craig plays the lead role.


Halle Barry as Jinx

clothing, active undergarment, swimwear, underpants, barechestedness, Stunning actress Halle Berry paid homage to Ursula Andress' rising-from-the-water-in-a-bikini scene in the 2002 film "Die Another Day". Instead of white, Halle's character Jinx donned a skimpy orange bikini. The Oscar winner described Jinx as "the next step in the evolution of women in the Bond movies."


Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

EVA GREEN, hair, clothing, wedding dress, hairstyle, I totally agree that Eva Green's role as Vesper Lynd in the 2006 film "Casino Royale" is as sexy as you can get from a Bond girl. In the Bond movies, Vesper is actually a British treasury agent who was first played by Ursula Andress in the 1967 James Bond film. Eva is a 28-year old French actress who is described by Vogue to have "killer looks, intelligence and modesty" - something that a real James Bond would probably die for!

And now for the Bond Girls who were so foolishly forgotton by us earlier:


Corinne Clery as Corinne Dufour

clothing, person, beauty, lady, supermodel, Corrine Dufour was all too sexy as Drax's personal assistant/pilot in Moonraker. Sometimes when you are on Bond's side though, you may end up with dogs chasing you. Ouch! Our only complaint is that her role was way too brief to do her any justice.


Daniella Bianchi-as Tatiana Romanova

hair, clothing, person, woman, blond, It goes something like this:

Tatiana: “Oh James, James…Will you make love to me all the Time in England”

James Bond: “Day and Night…”

Do you remember the gorgeous Tatiana Romanova? Daniella Bianchi besides being one of the sexiest Bond Girls was former Miss Rome as well as the runner-up for Miss World during the year 1960. Enough said!


Daniella Bianchi was born in Rome, Italy in 1942. She began her career as a model and actress in the 1960s, and in 1963 she was cast as Tatiana Romanova in the James Bond film From Russia with Love. Bianchi was a runner-up in the 1960 Miss World pageant and was also crowned Miss Rome in the same year. Her performance as Tatiana was praised by critics, and her iconic scene with Sean Connery's James Bond has become one of the most memorable in the Bond franchise. Bianchi went on to appear in several other films and television series, but her role as Tatiana Romanova will always be remembered.


Kristina Wayborn as Magda

Kristina Wayborn as Magda How could we forget about this beautiful Bond girl that everyone loves? As Magda, Kristina Wayborn exudes sexuality! Remember when she reveals an octopus tattoo while seducing Bond... And that fight sequence later in the movie? We all love an athletic Bond girl :)


Kristina Wayborn is an iconic Bond girl who appeared in the 1983 James Bond movie, Octopussy. She played the role of Magda, a seductive yet mysterious character who has a complicated relationship with the villain, Kamal Khan. Magda is a strong female character who is not afraid to stand up to Bond and even helps him in his mission.

Kristina Wayborn was born in Sweden and began her career as a model before making her film debut in Octopussy. She was one of the first Scandinavian actresses to appear in a major Hollywood film and her performance was praised by critics.

In the movie, Kristina Wayborn is seen seducing Bond with her octopus tattoo and engaging in a fight sequence with him. Her athleticism and strength were praised by audiences and critics alike. Her performance as Magda was so successful that she was cast in a few other films, including the 1984 drama No Small Affair and the 1986 action movie The Delta Force.


Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock

person, guitarist, musician, human positions, violinist, Who better to play the role of a Bond girl than a gorgeous Chanel model? Carole Bouquet sizzled as Melina Havelock in For Your Eyes Only. Am I the only one who thinks that a revenge seeking Bond girl is just a degree or two hotter than the rest? Carole Bouquet was totally convincing and a pleasure to watch. I must say that she really does know how to shoot a crossbow!


Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost

Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost Rosamund Pike played the role of the very seductive Miranda Frost who at first doesn't want anything to do with Bond but then succumbs to his obvious charm only to later switch to side with Gustav Graves. Make up your mind girl! :)


Sophie Marceau as Elektra King

clothing, dress, lady, gown, fashion, Elektra King is essentially a deceitful double-crosser but an incredibly sexy one at that. She obviously has no trouble seducing Bond and convincing him that she's on his side. When James Bond discovers that he's been messed with, he wastes no time in killing her. Ah! what a waste of sheer hotness...


Jane Seymore as Solitaire

woman, lady, beauty, hairstyle, portrait, Jane Seymour, Jane Seymour…how could we have left her out? She went by Solitaire in Live and Let Die who possessed a supernatural gift of being able to tell the future through Tarot cards but had to remain a virgin inorder to preserve it. Of course, she gets seduced by James Bond, I mean…who wouldn’t? and poof! vanish her powers. Solitaire may have been naive but boy was she gorgeous! Jane went on to have a long and successful career in both movies and television unlike many of the other Bond girls.

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