8 Gorgeous Redheads ...


8 Gorgeous Redheads ...
8 Gorgeous Redheads ...

I love red hair – I’ve often thought about changing my color. Red is stunning, and I think all those lucky enough to be blessed with it should be proud! Here are some fabulous redheads – some are natural, some have chosen red locks, but all look great.

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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I The original feisty redhead, Elizabeth started a fashion craze at court that led to ladies dying their hair to imitate the Queen.

Photo Credit: little_miss_sunnydale


Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth A stunning actress for whom the phrase ‘a glorious mane of hair’ must surely have been invented.

Photo Credit: sourpatchdarling


Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan The new Doctor Who assistant is another redhead, following on from predecessor Catherine Tate, and makes me want to hit the dye bottle every time I see her on screen.

Photo Credit: VJnet


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore Not only a gorgeous redhead, but a gorgeous redhead in her 40s. Yay for older women.

Photo Credit: nianiniel


Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis Whoever said ginger men aren’t goodlooking?


Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Her hair is beautiful now she doesn’t have to wear it in that awful Scully style.

Photo Credit: thisface


Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher I don’t care if she can act or not, I just want her hair. Isla, lend it to me, please.

Photo Credit: Seth Rogen


Daphne in Scooby Doo

Daphne in Scooby Doo Let´s face it, no one wanted to be frumpy Wilma – Daphne had better clothes and that fabulous red hair …

Photo Credit: krmenlamejor

So which redheads do you love? Or do you prefer another color?

Top Photo Credit: sourpatchdarling

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Karen Gillan!! I dyed my hair red to cosplay as Amy Pond <3 <3

im red head myself im irish and we ther lots stunning ladies with red hair sum do get bullied here n ireland iwouldnt worrie wat people say cos red heads do have soal everyone do ther just jelouse xx

Loll. Daphne was definitely prettier. If we are including cartoon characters, what about Ariel? I would kill to have hair like that!

lmaaaaao. actually i was the little « anti superficial » kid, i tended to like Wilma more.... memoriesss<3

I love Rita Hayworth red hair color !I get my red hair color in NYC hair color salon where Rita Hayworth daughter, the Princess Jasmin Aga Khan goes.

Christina Hendricks! I love her and her character in Man Men

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