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8 Things I Love about Rachel McAdams ...

By Meream

Could she be the next Julia Roberts? Will she remain an It Girl for a few years more? Will Rachel's career become one of the many great ones that aspiring actresses dream of? I am not so sure about the first two questions but a big YES is the only answer to the third. Intent on making movies not just for the sake of making money, Rachel is versatile and can do both indie and big studio projects. There are many things I like about her and here I give you 8. Feel free to add more if you like Rachel, too.

Table of contents:

  1. she is great at what she does
  2. she is gorgeous
  3. she has worked really hard to reach her dreams
  4. she looks healthy
  5. she can pull off most hairstyles/colors
  6. she is green
  7. she has a dog
  8. she is just so nice!

1 She is Great at What She Does

From chick flicks to comedies to thrillers, Rachel has shown us that she is an actress. I absolutely loved her on Mean Girls. What movie of Rachel do you love?

2 She is Gorgeous

Oh man, that smile! And eyes! And her cheekbones! I think she is one of those actresses who can truly command the camera; when you see her on screen, you will not be able to take your eyes off her.

3 She Has Worked Really Hard to Reach Her Dreams

Rachel took up figure skating when she was only 4. When she was 12, she caught the acting bug. She acted during her student years. She even has a BFA degree in Theater. She was a good student and graduated with honors.

4 She Looks Healthy

This is the part where I admire Rachel's healthy body. I don't know what her exercise regimen is (she is a vegetarian) but I sure appreciate the fact that she does not look stick thin. I actually like her arms.

5 She Can Pull off Most Hairstyles/colors

Except for that pink highlights episode that looked strange, Rachel can basically pull off any 'do and color. I guess I should hate her for this because it just shows that life is unfair but really, I don't. So far, I liked her hair color on The Time Traveler's Wife. How about you? Do you like her blonde, brunette, or something in between? With curls? Or straight? Or with bangs?

6 She is Green

Green as in concerned about the environment. Her main form of transportation is her bicycle. Se has also helped establish

7 She Has a Dog

A dog-lover is okay in my book.

8 She is Just so Nice!

Some lovely quotes: "I would love to have kids someday; I actually can't imagine not having them. My parents have been married for 36 years. They have a pretty honest, straightforward relationship that I hope to have myself." "I wanted to be a secretary, I love paper clips and staplers." Also, any person who has worked with her has nothing but nice things to say about her.

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