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Out of all the professions I could have chosen, my number one choice was becoming a mommy. Now, with that choice, I can be a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, a teacher, and many, many more. So what are my number one reasons I love being a mommy? They may not be at the top of anyone else’s list, but here they are anyway.

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Maple Sugar Kisses

Maple Sugar Kisses Photo Credit: ~PhotograTree~

How sweet it is when your little sugar kisses you and leaves a sticky memory. Although it may be a little messy, there is nothing that compares to this little gesture of love.



Snuggles Photo Credit: moogs

How precious it is when my little ones crawl up in my lap and snuggle. I wish they could stay there forever. But one day, they will grow up and not want to sit in my lap. So right now, I never miss a moment when they hold them tiny arms up to me and say, “I wuv you mommy. Hold me.”


Quiet Thank You’s

Quiet Thank You’s Photo Credit: AzFiqs

The most amazing feeling pours from my heart when my angels receive a gift I have been dying to give them and they look at me and say, “Thank you, mommy.” My two year old sweetly says, “Kank Kou.”


Sweet Smells

Sweet Smells Photo Credit: jwlphotography

After giving my sweet one a bath, I love the sweet smells of her clean hair, baby powder, and even diaper rash ointment. I know that sounds a little weird, but I can’t help it! She will grow out of these smells one day too soon. I want to enjoy them while I can.



Questions Photo Credit: justfordream

It may get aggravating beyond words, but when my six year old shoots off his “why” for the 200th time, I am reminded of the treasures I have in my toddlers. Yes, I said treasure! You see, I have been given the amazing gift of teaching. It is my place to explain things and teach them why such and such happens. How cool is that!


Smiles and Giggles

Smiles and Giggles Photo Credit: b.hope.k

The most heart overflowing feelings comes when I see my babies smile. The most amazing sound is the sound of a sweet laugh coming from the lips of my angels. Nothing compares to this joy. Nothing.



Satisfaction Photo Credit: Renato Leme

Your sweet angel has grown from a tiny bundle of joy into a lovely adult. A well- adjusted, successful young adult is the product of a happy childhood. How does it feel to see your little one turn from a freckled- face child to a beautiful teen to a grown-up who is doing well on their own and living life to the fullest? It brings tears to my eyes knowing I had a small part in their success.

I love being a mommy! The rewards are beyond your richest imaginations. Why do you love being a mommy?

Top Photo Credit: PhotographybyAmyLee

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This is so cute. I want a baby now! :)

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