8 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle ...


8 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle ...
8 Reasons to Get a Motorcycle ...

As my dad calls them, they are death machines on wheels. However, there are some good reasons to get a motorcycle. In this blog, I decided to list the 8 Reasons To Get a Motorcycle. Most Motorcycles have many good reasons to use them. Let me tell you why you should get a motorcycle.

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Easy to Fix

Easy to Fix Photo Credit: :: eu-moto © All rights reserved

Motorcycles are pretty simple machines and have small motors. They don't cost much to repair and can be fixed without going into a shop. You can simply pick the parts up by hand and don’t have to get heavy machinery to work on it.


Tires Are Cheap

Tires Are Cheap Photo Credit: motorcycle-intelligence.com

The tires are simple to change out of course. However, the back tire might take a bit of work to get too. You can find tires for motorcycles cheaper than the average car, truck or SUV tires. Also, you can tell when you have a flat tire and when your tire needs replaced.


Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean Photo Credit: john m flores

Motorcycles are easy to clean or even wax. The engine can be shined and most parts can be replaced with chrome. Many bikers polish their bikes everyday and act as if the bike is their child.


Maneuver Better

Maneuver Better Photo Credit: f650biker

With motorcycles, you can turn on the dime and miss most road trash. You also can switch lanes faster and take up less room. However, you need to be safe and drive carefully.


Park Anywhere

Park Anywhere Photo Credit: ses7

I see motorcycles parking right next to the store and don't have to worry about walking too far. You can park almost anywhere on a motorcycle. Also, you can even park between close cars when they park wrong.


Locking Personal Storage

Locking Personal Storage Photo Credit: houltmac

Unlike cars, if a bike gets broke into, you just need to replace the storage box lock. Most motorcycles have locks that can't be broken and only open when the motor is on. Cars or trucks have the problem of windows being broken and doors being damage.


Easy to Change Oil

Easy to Change Oil Photo Credit: sheridesabeemer

Have you tried to change the oil of your truck or car? It's painful and often hard to change out without the right tools. With motorcycles, the oil change is fast and easy. Also, it cost less to change oil in a motorcycle.


Very Good Gas Mileage

Very Good Gas Mileage Photo Credit: SirStan

Motorcycles have replaced many cars and trucks in Cities, because of the good mileage and easy up take. With the good gas mileage, it helps many people travel easier without always gassing up. All motorcycles have good gas mileage and make it easy to travel in town.

If you get a motorcycle, you might consider driving safe and wearing a helmet at all times. Many people fail to follow the safety tips to driving motorcycles and end up in badly hurt or dead. Do you own a motorcycle and think it's better than buying a car?

Top Photo Credit: Custom Motorcycles

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#1 Very nice information

I wish all the people riding them would wear appropriate clothing and head gear...so many do not, and it give me the chills. I pray for their safety, and more common sense.

I can give you even more reasons to get a motorcycle! Loved your list.

for a long romantic ride it is perfect.

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