7 Things to Love about Being the Oldest Sibling ...


7 Things to Love about Being the Oldest Sibling ...
7 Things to Love about Being the Oldest Sibling ...

I am the oldest child in my family. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Yup! There are 6 of us! Being the oldest has its pros and cons. Now on the bad days (come on, we all have them!) I'm tempted to look at the not so great things about being the eldest. But there are far more advantages than disadvantages and I've decided to list some of them for your enjoyment today. Here are 7 reasons I love being the oldest sibling!

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It's Unchangeable

It's Unchangeable Photo Credit: Lisa at TSS

Being the eldest sibling is and unchangeable fact. You will always, always, always be the firstborn. Even if your parents decide to adopt, or one of them remarries, you are still the firstborn to them. The youngest may not always be the youngest, sometimes a baby comes along, but you will always be the oldest. In a world where change is inevitable, and happening all around, every day, it's nice to know that some thing will never change.


It's Special

It's Special Photo Credit: Heather-L

Your parents may never show favoritism among you and your siblings, and that's a good thing. But even if they never say it, there's something so special about the first baby. Not that the others aren't special, they of course, are. But to a young couple, having a first baby is a totally new experience and that first baby will get all the amazement and admiration those first few weeks home from the hospital on up through the first steps to the first bike ride to the first graduation ceremony. There's a reason

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I have a younger sister and know what it takes to be older sibbling.

bookmarking this so i can read it when my little sister annoys the heck out of me!

Great post!!! I'm the eldest child and even though sometimes I hate being the one all the responsibility, I love it when I can do things they can't just for being older

#1 This app really helps me do a,"why should I have a sibling" ThanksπŸ˜€

i am the oldest sibling.. and i'm happy,so happy. Thank God

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