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7 Things to Love about Bones ...

By Meream

I am huge fan of police procedural TV shows. Right now, I follow CSI: New York and Bones religiously. I might do a post on CSI: New York (how cool is Mack, really?) but I want to rave about Bones first. Here are 6 things I love about the show:

1 Interesting and Smart Characters

Interesting and Smart CharactersPhoto Credit: chu on this

The main characters are Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, a socially-inept genius in the field of forensic anthropology and Seeley Booth, a nice but tough FBI agent. Their professional (and social) circle is also composed of geniuses in their own fields. You have the wealthy and conspiracy theory nut Dr. Jack Hodgins, the adorable artist Angela Montenegro, and their head, Dr. Camille Saroyan. You also have your round of interesting assistants helping Bones and Booth solve crimes. Let's not forget the psychology boy genius Dr. Lance Sweets.

2 Funny

FunnyPhoto Credit: sister rose

The first few laughs I had from this show was from the "I don't understand" responses Bones had to any pop culture-related thing other characters would say. She really is that out of touch from "real" life. There are also situations and cases that put them in humorous situations. Sample conversation between Bones and Booth:

Booth: Everybody thinks they’re the next Kelly Clarkson.

Brennan: Who’s Kelly Clarkson?

Booth: … American Idol… “Because of You”…

Brennan: Because of me?
No other female TV character today could possibly be more adorable, really.

3 Romantic

While the current season has killed my dream to see Bones and Booth together, I still think they will end up together. The previous season when Booth would do just about anything to keep Bones safe was brilliant. I loved the way he looked at Bones, too. *sigh* They should seriously be together! For those of you who need your Booth+Brennan fix now that Booth has a girlfriend, THIS site is for you.

4 Informative

With other shows, you learn things that are mostly related to injuries, motives for murder, and police procedures. With Bones, you also get to learn about things related to psychology, anthropology, entomology, and a lot of other things. I love that Bones is full of interesting facts and that she's always willing to share them.

5 Just the Right Amount of Gore

Well some people may not agree with me on this but this show is gory in just the right amount. It's realistic enough for you to believe the story but not that vomit-inducing. In fact, I often eat dinner while watching the show.

6 Right Mix of Psychology

I am thankful that they made Dr. Sweets a permanent part of the show. I like the bits where he helps profile the criminals. I also love the parts when he tries to analyze Brennan and Booth's relationship.

7 Style

StylePhoto Credit: fuckyeahbb

This may sound strange but Bones has a fabulous collection of necklaces. I noticed them immediately from the first few episodes of the first season.

All right, those who love Bones as much as I do, tell us why you keep watching this show week after week. Also, do you agree that Bones and Booth should finally be together and have adorable babies?

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