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7 Reasons I Love My Mac ...

By Talynn

My first computer was an old, used Dell. A tornado swept through our community and my computer blew away with the twister. I upgraded to a laptop with Windows Vista. I never used the thing because it constantly froze, stalled, or opened way to slow. Now, I am the proud owner of a desktop Mac and MacBook Pro. I will never go back to a PC and here is why…

1 My Mac Rarely Freezes

My Mac Rarely FreezesPhoto Credit: ronen08

Ever so often, maybe 3 times since I have owned my Mac, I am frustrated with little round disk thing spinning in circles. But that is rare. And the times it did freeze and I had to restart, none of my documents were lost, not even the ones open on my screen.

2 Great Customer Support

Great Customer SupportPhoto Credit: jaudrius

Calling Mac directly, my service questions and concerns have been answered immediately. I have never hung up the phone wondering what they said or frustrated because they couldn’t answer my question. Fast, friendly service keeps me happy with my Mac.


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3 I Feel Important

I Feel ImportantPhoto Credit: ˆ-ˆ

I have received some pretty amazing compliments over my MacBook Pro. People are always saying what a nice computer I have and asking if I like it, or if it was expensive. They admire the features on my Mac and want to try out the camera. Compliments put a smile on face, even if people are really admiring my Mac, not me!

4 My Mac is Sleek

My Mac is SleekPhoto Credit: dan taylor

I love the thin, skinny size of my Mac. Both my desktop and MacBook are sleek and sophisticated. My MacBook is easy to pack with me, wherever I go.

5 I Love the Programs

I Love the ProgramsPhoto Credit: Nas t

True, many programs are not compatible with my Mac, but there are many programs that are compatible. And Apple makes some AMAZING programs just for the Mc. Although they are a little more expensive, I always say you get what you pay for. And the service in an Apple store matches the service you receive on the phone.

6 Amazing Skins

Amazing SkinsPhoto Credit: Cherry Perrie aka iLuv

Mac makes the most perfect skins so you can protect your Mac. Fun, flirty, sophisticated, business like, girly, masculine, whatever look you want, Mac has it!

7 I Get Free Updates

I Get Free UpdatesPhoto Credit: MR.YASsSER™

Mac sends out weekly updates. I can always download the updates, for free, and my Mac always sports the latest, most up to date version. I can also find free widgets, programs, and other downloads, for free!

After 3 years of owning a Mac, I have sworn never to return to a PC again. I love my Mac, and I love my iPhone, and the next item on my list of “loves” will be the iPad. Are you a Mac person or a PC person?

Top Photo Credit: goobimama

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