7 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift ...


7 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift ...
7 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift ...

While I’ve never been a fan of neither country music nor “American Idol,” I do have to admit I am a big fan of a few of their stars, especially Taylor Swift! She seems to have it all, from her down-to-earth, sweet personality, song-writing and singing talent, and even her own personal fashion sense. If you’re not a fan yet, maybe you ought to be! Here are 7 reasons to love Taylor Swift…

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She’s Talented!

She plays guitar. She writes her own songs. She sings! And she even acts. She’s so talented! This is the first reason of many to adore Taylor Swift.


She’s Gorgeous!

Taylor Swift seems to embody the picture-perfect American girl — long blonde hair, bright blue eyes. peaches and cream complexion. She’s also a healthy weight, not too thin, and she looks fit, too! She’s all-around gorgeous!


She’s Got Style All Her Own!

How many girls do you know who would feel comfortable going against the established pop-star girl uniform of skimpy clothes? Taylor’s tossed aside revealing, trashy clothes and prefers to wear her own brand of style — cowboy boots and summer dresses. She pulls it off perfectly, and her style has inspired lots of us to dress the way we want to!


She’s Confident, Not Arrogant

Taylor Swift may be young, but she’s already shown great poise and confidence, without ever appearing arrogant or conceited. Case in point — when she was so rudely interrupted in the middle of an acceptance speech last year, she calmly smiled and stepped aside, until she could finish later. She never bad-mouthed the rude, idiotic interloper, showing grace and dignity (and humor) beyond her years.


She’s Not a Party Girl

Look at all of the young celebrities that have managed to humiliate and embarrass themselves by getting involved in drug or drinking scandals, or showing up on sex tapes. Not Taylor! She’s no home-body prude, but she’s not a party girl, either, and that’s admirable.


She’s Just Herself

Taylor seems perfectly happy to be who she is, no glamorous heiress or princess wanna-be. She acknowledges her humble roots and seems perfectly content, even proud, to be who she is. Who needs to pretend to be something, or someone, she’s not?


She’s a Great Role Model!

Most of the time, when my little girl says she admires a celebrity, I cringe and hope she’ll outgrow them before a huge scandal erupts, leaving me to explain to my little princess why that star may not be the best role model. But now she’s a fan of Taylor, and I’m relieved! I don’t think she could pick a better young star to look up to…

These are just a few of the reasons I admire Taylor Swift, but I’m sure there are so many more reasons to be a fan! Do you like, or look up to, Taylor? Why or why not? Please let me know!

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I know shes a country singer, but she's not from idol. That's all I was saying. No need for the sass.

Absolutely love Taylor Swift!!!!

"While I’ve never been a fan of neither country music nor “American Idol,” I do have to admit I am a big fan of a few of their stars, especially Taylor Swift!" Right there.

i love, love, love her!!! she's so inspiring!! hope she's blessed with more happiness and successes...

TSwift isn't from Idol. Maybe you're thinking of Carrie Underwood, but Tay had gone to producers trying to get signed since she was 12.

Love taylor

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