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7 Reasons to Date Country Boys ...

By Melanie

I have decided to do a blog on 7 reasons to date country boys. However, that does not mean that the other types of boys are not good, so don’t be offended. I didn’t exactly marry a country boy in the terms of him being raised on a farm. Yet, he still has some of the same attributes. Either way, let me continue by giving you those 7 reasons …

7 Good with His Hands

I have noticed that they are good with their hands. If something needs to be done, then they seem to always have that solution to getting it done. They are good problem solvers around the house for sure.

6 Knows How to Use Equipment

I’m no sure about those guys that do not know how to use chainsaws. Country boys know how to use their equipment.


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5 Does Not Mind Getting Dirty

Growing up, I saw some boys that absolutely hated having dirt on them. I found this a bid odd. I mean come on, what type of boy is afraid of getting dirty? I prefer it when a boy does not mind getting dirty – yet, he also has a clean side to him and doesn’t mind taking a nice shower.

4 Likes to Ride Horses

Hey, many like country boys because they like to ride horses. Riding horses is a lot of fun and that boy will know a lot of trails the two of you can ride down together. Perhaps, you can stop and rest by a creek. Hey, that sounds like fun ….

3 Likes to Fish

I also like to fish, so I am glad my husband enjoys fishing as well. I always thought there was something romantic about sitting near the water fishing together. Of course, I never keep the fish, IF we do catch something. They go right back in the water.

2 They Are Respectful

I have also noticed that country boys are respectful. They seem to have good manners. Of course, there are some out there that are rude ol’ country boys, but I am talking about those good boys.

1 Likes to Take Care of Their Girl

Good country boys always likes to take care of their girl. If there is mud on their tailgate when you go to sit down, they will put a towel down for you. They also like to lay down and look at the stars together.

Those are my 7 reasons to date a country boys. If you are not dating a country boy, then I do hope the guy is still respectful, takes care of you and does not mind getting dirt. I love my husband, because he’s not only afraid to get his hands dirty, knows how to use equipment, likes to fish, is respectful and takes good care of his family, but he is also smart with technology. He doesn’t have the country accent, but that’s perfectly fine with me! So, what type of guy do you like?

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