8 Reasons Girls Love Celebrity Boys ...


8 Reasons Girls Love Celebrity Boys ...
8 Reasons Girls Love Celebrity Boys ...

Many, like myself, wonder why girls go head over heels over celebrity boys. Personally, I view them as normal people. Sure, they are on television, but nonetheless, they are real people and I don’t look at them any different. Of course, I am thankful for the entertainment they bring along, but I don’t act like they are a piece of meat – I know, it’s funny. Anyhow, I am going to give you 8 reasons girls love celebrity boys.

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Girls tend to like boys that have a true amount of talent. When you are in school, if a boy has talent, then more girls tend to like him. Well, the same thing goes for celebrities.


The Hotness

Girls can’t seem to get over the hotness that comes along with that talent. I have saw, in my opinion, some pretty bad looking celebrity boys that had tons of girls crawling for him. Being a celebrity on the red carpet can make you look pretty hot.



Where there is talent and hotness, there is going to be entertainment. Girls love entertainment, especially movies. This is a good reason to have a crush on that celebrity boy.



Some girls love celebrity boys for the inspiration they bring. I think that is why I like them – the inspiration.


They Have Nice Homes

Come on, you can’t sit there and tell me you have never wanted to live in a mansion before. Girls tend to dig those guys that have nice homes that are fully equipped with its own gym, an indoor swimming pool and all that good stuff.


They Have Nice Cars

Personally, I am the type of girl who enjoys cars. Of course, I wouldn’t not date a guy just because they have a crappy car – that’s just not in me. However, celebrity boys always have those real nice cars (I prefer sports cars) and I think that could be another reason girls like them.


They’re Famous

Now, we are going to get down to business on number one and two! Number 2 on my list, they are famous. Come on, girls dig fame. If the boy was not famous, then he would no has as many girls crawling for him.


They Have Money

Number 1 – they have money. That celebrity boy is infested with money and that is sure to draw even more girls in.

In my opinion, those are 8 reasons girls love celebrity boys. If you love a celebrity boy, then that is perfectly fine. I think it’s good, because it gives you something to dream about and perhaps, one day you could be with him. Like I said, they are normal, sure, they are famous and rich, but you never know what the future holds. The two of you could bump into each other one day and hit it off. I know, the chances of that happening may be slim. So, what celebrity boy have you been crushing on for so long?

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I am in love with Hugh Jackman.

WOW... 4-1 shallow much? But I would say that the sexiest celebrity of all time would have to have been Michael Jackson! Sure, he's famous, had tons of money, loads of houses, was indescribably talented and gifted... But those are not the reason why I find him extremely hot! There are so many reasons that go far beyond his fortune and fame... <3 R.I.P <3

My best friend is totally convinced that she's in love with Justin Bieber. The only other guys she said she'd even CONSIDER dating is a Bieber twin, literally (same looks, same bday...etc) and the guy she's had a crush on since 6th grade.

OMG!!! Bieber!? i think he woudl fit on the description here though. Surely he does not qualify on the hotness factor. He is just a little boy.

I meant he would not fit...

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