10 Reasons I Can't Wait for Summer ...


10 Reasons I Can't Wait for Summer ...
10 Reasons I Can't Wait for Summer ...

As if I haven't been complaining enough about the cold weather lately, let me make myself completely clear: I can't wait for summer! As I write this, it's almost warm outside – I mean, it's like 40 degrees. And my excitement dims as I realize how sad it is that 40 degrees seems warm. New England is ridiculously hot from June through September, but I still can't wait for summer – and here are 10 reasons why!

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The Sun

I miss the sun so much. I mean, it's out right now, but I know it's just teasing me. I hate being hot, but that's what air conditioning is for, and besides, this part of Massachusetts has the best sea breezes in life. I'm just tired of grey, gloomy skies, all full of clouds and the threat of snow.



Swimming is by far my favorite activity. Sure, in the winter it's all well and good to swim in indoor pools, but I prefer being outside. With outside pools, I love the mingled scents of chlorine, suntan lotion, and sunshine. At the ocean … oh, you just can't beat swimming in the ocean, and I can't wait until I'm able to again.



Yeah, okay, I can go out walking now, and I'll be able to do so in spring as well. Except that, for the last month or so, all the sidewalks have been pretty much coated in ice. Besides, I love being able to walk with the dogs and the Better Half in evenings during the summer, when the heat calms and sunset is coming on and everything is golden and glowing and gorgeous.


Going to the Park

For that same reason, I love going to the park in the summer. You see little families there, little kids running around like crazy because they're so excited to be playing outside. Everybody seems happier, everything looks better, and it's just a really awesome time.



Sure, technically I can travel all year round … except not so much. The winter has been so crazy that we've been sort of afraid to go anywhere, fearing that either it will start snowing while we're on the road, or else we'll get snowed in at our destination. In the summer, though, it's all open roads, A/C on, windows down, and music loud – bliss!


Sitting outside at Night

This is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing ever. Our yard is always fragrant with the scents of honeysuckle and lilac, two of my favorite blossoms. Fireflies stitch their lights across the lawn, there's a warren of rabbits in the bushes beside our stoop, we have a perfect view of every sunset and every moonrise, and the night is so preternaturally still sometimes that you can hear laughter coming from four blocks away. It's magical.


Fire Pits

I love fire pits. Just sitting there, talking to your friends and the people you love – it's so much fun. It's cozy, a little mystical, and the great way to spend the evening relaxing. A little wine or cold beers, some marshmallows and hot dogs, and some killer conversation – also bliss!



I also love getting together with friends and family members for summer cookouts. Food just seems to taste better when it's cooked on the grill, have you ever noticed that? And there's nothing better than a little outside dinner party!


Hitting the Beach

Being near the ocean is one of the best parts about living near Boston. The town of Gloucester is only about half an hour away, and it's full of beaches. I also love spending time at Pickering Wharf in Salem. Anywhere near saltwater, and I am generally a happy girl.


Summer Thunderstorms

Finally, but definitely not least, I adore summer thunderstorms more than anything. Warm rain, thunder, and lightning flashing across the sky – it's just magical. When the humidity is high and the water's cool, I couldn't be happier – I'll stay outside all night!

Although autumn is without question my favorite season, I'm still really excited for summer. There are so many things I can't wait to do. What are your favorite summer activities?

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the travels and the great weather :)

I'm sorry but I hate Summer,it's miserable,the heat,the bugs,too many people (I got horrible anxiety) the list is endless

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