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Google is one of those amazing applications that keeps evolving and innovating to keep us all hooked. What started out as a simple search engine has now become a global phenomenon that most of us turn to whenever we need anything. Here are 8 reasons why I love Google.

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Awesome Web Search

Of course, the number one reason for Google’s greatness is its super fast and extraordinarily thorough web search. There is something so reassuringly familiar about using Google’s search engine facility. The first page of results is usually all you’ll need and the little summary following the main hit is ideal to decide if a site is click worthy.


Google Mail Storage

When Gmail first came out, what made it so unique was its massive mail storage. Cleaning out one’s mailbox became a thing of the past. There was literally so much space that all mails could be retained without any fears of blocked mailboxes and returned mails.


Easy to Find Pictures

The Google ‘image’ search utility provides all users the opportunity to find the pictures we need without having to get into any specific clip art or image website. It’s so easy to do and generates so many results that we end up with an array of options to choose from, ideal for any work or home project.


Super Convenient Mobile Application

The Google mobile application totally rocks. It provides all the web-based utilities on the handset not to mention Google Voice search, which allows you to find anything on your phone just by saying it out loud. Now that’s supreme convenience.


Out of the Box Google Maps

Google maps changed the way we searched and found business entities and stores. Running a search and obtaining a result with the exact location of the entity on a map simply redesigned our expectations in a way that no other search engine could have achieved.


Best Translation Tool

While there are translation tools available online, Google’s is by far the most competitive. They are constantly adding new languages and tools so that we never have to look elsewhere for any translation related activity. Most of all it helps you understand what a page is about even if its in a completely alien language.


Gmail’s Archiving Approach

Gmail was probably one of the first mail providers who stored mails as conversations rather than individual notes. This made things so remarkably convenient that now we cannot live without it. It is even being replicated on mobile phones for text messaging archiving.


Desktop Search

The final reason why I absolutely love Google is its Desktop search utility. No longer do I have to rely on the inbuilt search tool that came with my PC. I have the best search engine in the world to help me find what I need.

Google came into the world and is clearly here for good. They are constantly innovating and looking for new ways to make our lives simpler. The only problem now is that we are irrevocably hooked for good.

Top image source: gemzies.com

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And yes, I love the new appearance of all women stalk's website. It looks more colourful :)

Great Post! Hands up everyone who loves Google.

Google so far has helped me much to help my sister accomplishing her school assignments. LOL. I love Google, yayyy :))

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