7 Reasons I Love the Postal Service ...


7 Reasons I Love the Postal Service ...
7 Reasons I Love the Postal Service ...

Despite the fact that my scantless ex-husband was a postal carrier, I still have a great fondness for the Postal Service. They’re marvelous, for so many reasons, not the least of all for how hunky some of their carriers look in those blue shorts… here are 7 reasons I love the Postal Service… let’s see if you agree!

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They’re Reliable

Rain, sleet, hail, snow, sandstorm, whatever… the Postal Service is there! I can honestly say that I’ve seen my carrier in all kinds of weather. It’s good to know that no matter what, the Postal Service will deliver the mail… except, of course, on holidays, even some of the truly obscure ones that the rest of us have to work.


Their Flat-rate Priority Mail Boxes Are Great!

Most of my family lives on the west coast, while I’m stuck thousands of miles away in Michigan. Every few weeks, I’ll send a package of random goodies through the mail in one of the Postal Service’s flat rate Priority Mailers. They come in a range of sizes, and they’re completely affordable, from an envelope at about $5 to a big ole box for about $11.


I Love Their Commercials

The USPS’s TV commercials are hilarious, especially the one with the scary clown toy in it. I know I should be more fond of the ad agency that creates the ads, but I can’t help it — I adore the post office even more because of their clever commercials. Of course, I also like the one for FedEx with “Dan Fool” in it.


They Don’t Have to Worry about Fuel Prices so Much?

After hours of research, I can’t find anything to confirm my suspicion that the Postal Service gets some sort of fuel subsidy from the federal government, but they don’t seem to have to worry too much about gas prices, do they? This means that while the sky-rocketing cost of fuel is forcing other carriers to up their prices, the Postal Service doesn’t have to.


They’re Convenient

There’s a post office or at least a drop box seemingly at every corner, in every neighborhood. They even have mini post offices in most big chain stores, like Wal-Mart and Meijer… amazing! You can even print postage and arrange for pickup online. I love the convenience of the USPS!


Their P.O. Boxes Are a Good Deal

Each post office sets their own rates for their post office boxes, but they’re almost always an extremely good bargain — mine costs less than $50 per year! They come in so many sizes, too, from standard TINY (perfect for regular mail) to big giant boxes, if you expect lots of packages. If something gets delivered to your box that’s too large to fit, they’ll put a note in your mailbox to let you know they’re holding it for you.


Some of the Carriers Are Really Good-looking!

I’m so shallow, I know… but another reason I love the Postal Service is that some of their carriers are complete hotties! They look smashing in those blue shorts… oh la la! Or maybe I just have a thing for a man in uniform?

See? So even if my cruddy ex used to carry mail, there are still so many reasons left to love them! Do you love or loathe the postal service? Why? Please share… especially if you have photos of your cutie carrier to post! *wink*

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