8 Reasons Why We Love Celebrity Gossip ...


8 Reasons Why We Love Celebrity Gossip ...
8 Reasons Why We Love Celebrity Gossip ...

There is no denying it- we all love a little bit of gossip. Whether it is at the water cooler or during a quick coffee break, the loves and lives of celebrities tend to fascinate us. Have you ever wondered where this fascination comes from? Here are 8 reasons why we love celebrity gossip.

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Opportunity to Live Vicariously

Let’s face it, most of our lives are fairly routine and commonplace. On the other hand, celebrities go to wild parties, jet set around the world, live in palatial houses and have dangerous liaisons. Gossiping about celebrities allows us to live vicariously and bring some excitement into our lives.


Allows Social Bonding

Social bonding is one of the most important reasons why we love celebrity gossip. It provides fertile ground for social interaction and engagement. Even if we do not feel comfortable sharing our personal lives with other people, talking about celebrities is one of our comfort zones.


Helps as an Ice Breaker

When you meet someone new, it is sometimes difficult to decide what to talk about. Celebrity gossip is one of the easiest topics to talk about. Everybody has something to contribute and before you know it, you are talking and laughing with people you barely know.


Addresses Our Need to Belong

Man is a social animal and feels the need to belong to his or her community. Celebrity gossip often paves the way to make us feel one with our community by sharing common views and opinions about celebrities.


Opportunity to Laugh

There is no doubt that one of the reasons why we love celebrity gossip is that it gives us the opportunity to laugh at other people’s follies. We may not want to laugh at the expense of our neighbors, but laughing at celebrities is definitely acceptable.


Gives Vent to Negative Emotions

Celebrities are no different from us, except for the fact that they have access to far more resources than we can even dream of. Of course, it inspires negative emotions like jealousy. Gossiping about celebrities and pointing out their errors somehow makes us feel even and allows us to give vent to our negative emotions about them.


Provides Us with a Distraction

There is no doubt that we all have minor and major problems in our lives. While we need to do all we can about them, thinking about them all the time will only increase our stress levels. Gossiping about celebrities provides us with distraction from the problems and tensions in our own lives.


Opportunity to Feel Better about Ourselves

When we look at the follies of others, it is easy for us to think of ourselves as being above it all. Whether this is actually true or not, we may never be able to find out. But, in that moment, we sure feel better about ourselves.

As you can see from these 8 reasons why we love celebrity gossip, it can actually do more good than harm as long as we refrain from being overly negative, critical or malicious.

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