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7 Benefits of Not Owning a TV ...

By Meream

Growing up, my sister teased me for being a huge TV girl. In fact, I used to race home from school every afternoon just so I can catch my favorite shows. But when I went away for college and I met the current love of my life, the world wide web, I realized that there are benefits of not owning a TV. Here are some:

1 No Time Wasted

No Time WastedPhoto Credit: Big Fat Rat

You know how it goes, you sit in front of the TV to watch one program and before you know it, it's almost midnight, and you have not accomplished a single thing you can be proud of for the night. One of the benefits of not owning a TV is that you will not feel your life draining away as you channel-surf.

2 Talking to People

I have a theory that I am not a huge people-person today because of my love affair with the television when I was younger. But when I got rid of the TV, I had more time to interact with actual humans; I started talking to the neighbors, doing things with the boyfriend's nieces, and hanging out with my girl friends more.

3 More Space

More SpacePhoto Credit: Lubs Mary.

When I got rid of the TV, I was left with shelf space that made me truly excited. More space for my books, hooray!

4 Do/Create More

I don't think I'd have dressmaking frenzies if I still owned a TV. This is probably one of the benefits of not owning a TV that I really love. Aside from the fact that I am crafting more these days, having no TV in the house means that I can do actual work. Because let's face it, working from home is a lot harder with a TV in the house. With no TV, I also have more time to battle it out with our elliptical.

5 More Money

More MoneyPhoto Credit:

With no cable bills to settle every month, I enjoy more shopping money. When I added up the our monthly cable bills, I realized that a year's worth of payments can already give me 11 pairs of shoes! The total amount is also more than enough for a month's worth of groceries.

6 Less Mess

Without a TV to distract me, I have more time to clean the apartment. This is a great thing, of course, because I am one of those people who will find the smallest excuse not to clean.

7 Own Time

Own TimePhoto Credit: lastquest

Even though I no longer own a TV set, I still follow several shows. I watch them online or I buy the DVD and play it on my laptop. This means that I don't have to schedule my days according to when my favorite show is on air. I don't have to cut meetings short or feel that I'm missing out when I miss a single episode. I still watch TV but I do it on my own time. Without commercials yay!

I have personally experienced these benefits of not owning a TV. If you have more to add, I'd love to hear them!

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