7 Reasons Why I Love Being Married ...


7 Reasons Why I Love Being Married ...
7 Reasons Why I Love Being Married ...

Now it's time to give reasons why I like being married. There are tons of things to be happy for when you're married. To get married and have that moment of saying those words I do, is something special. I believe to have one love all my life and to be faithful. Listen to my 7 Reasons why I Love Being Married…

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Wake up to Something Special

Wake up to Something Special Photo Credit: Σταύρος

You can wake up to something special everyday when you're married. You can turn over and give a nice kiss to the one in bed next to you or give them a hug. This makes a chemical reaction happen within you and make you think I'm truly happy to be married.


Someone to Laugh with

Someone to Laugh with Photo Credit: ~*Gillian*~

Laughing is the most important aspect of life. It’s healthy to laugh and if it's anyone that can make you laugh it's your husband or wife. You too know some inside jokes or have the same common ideas what to laugh about. I can always turn around and look at my husband and laugh about a few things.


Someone to Eat with

Someone to Eat with Photo Credit: Laenulfean

If you’re not married, you often can eat alone or wait to go with friends to eat along side of them, but this isn't the same as eating alongside someone you love. Breakfast, lunch, or even dinner is the best place to share memories or talk between husband and wife.


Someone to Help You when You're down

Someone to Help You when You're down Photo Credit: K8E

Friends and family sometimes isn't enough to keep you on your feet, because family and friends have their own problems to deal with. When you're married with someone, it’s their problem to help you when their down. Your wife or husband will be there no matter what to help you with problems.


Share Memories with and Create Them

Share Memories with and Create Them Photo Credit: Fingers Scintilla

You can create many memories as a couple. You can have a first time you kissed each other or other things along that line. You also can create memories of laughter and happy memories. Sharing these memories over a cup of coffee or tea is something to live for.


Having Sex with Someone You Love

Having Sex with Someone You Love Photo Credit: MAZZALIARMADI.IT

It's always good to know your having a sexual encounter with someone you plan to stay with all your life. You can feel comfortable and relax to know it is someone you enjoy and love. All people should have morals and learn not to have multiple sex partners. This is why I'm married and have only one all my life.


They’re Way to Much Fun!

They’re Way to Much Fun! Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

My husband is the funniest person to be with in this world. I don't see myself with anyone else and don't plan on wasting my day on other people. My husband is all I need and only way, I have fun. Without him during the day, I would be lost and have problems having fun.

Now that you know why I like to be married, do you want to add to why you like being married? Many people are happy with just not being married and there are some that need to be married to be happy. I'm one of those that need to be married and love being it for many years to come. Do you like being married?

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There is always someone to pay your shopping/salon bill.(joking) Someone there on whom you can vent out your frustration.(kidding) You will never be alone with an expanded family and friend circle.

i am not married..but me and my boyfriend treat each other like husband wife because we had already imagined ourselves as a married couple for the rest of our life..and we will marry after 2 years after properly establishing our careers.. so its really so nice to be married and connected to someone who is only yours.. :)

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