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7 Reasons to Vote ...

By Jennifer

Here in the States, November is a big month, because that’s when many of our biggest political elections make place. We’re able to vote when we reach the age of majority (18), but believe it or not, very few people actually cast votes. It really is a privilege, one that people in many other countries don’t have, so why not exercise your freedom of choice and vote? Here are 7 reasons to vote…

1 You Can Complain

You Can ComplainPhoto Credit: Miss Minie

If you don’t vote in an election, you are not allowed to complain about the outcome. I love to complain about politicians, but I can’t complain about one if I didn’t vote for or against him. And if there’s an issue I care passionately about, I can’t get on my soapbox about it if I didn’t vote for or against it, either.

2 It’s Fun

It’s FunPhoto Credit: volcanojw

Voting is very exciting! My daughter’s birthday was a mere two weeks before the last presidential election, and we went to vote together. There was so much excitement in the air, and our candidate won…

3 Because You Can

Because You CanPhoto Credit: zenamoonbeam

Think of all of the people who have struggled, and even died, so we could have the right to choose our candidates and our officials, so we could have the freedom to choose all of them and more. What better way to honor those courageous men and women than by voting?

4 To Irritate Someone You Know with an Opposing View

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My cousins have very different points of view than mine, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to poke at them about how I voted in the last election, and why. This isn’t the most important reason I vote, but it sure is fun!

5 To Prove Them Wrong

To Prove Them WrongPhoto Credit: sarah. reed.

“Young people can’t be bothered to vote.” I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this from politicians and pundits alike. Prove them wrong! Educate yourself about an issue or candidate, and rock the vote!

6 Because You Care

Because You CarePhoto Credit: British American

Whether you’re for or against gay marriage, don’t-ask-don’t-tell, stem cell research, or legalizing medical marijuana, there is something to be said for getting involved and voicing your support (or opposition to) an issue or cause. One of the most important, effective ways to voice your opinion is to vote!

7 Because Men Think It’s Hot

Because Men Think It’s HotPhoto Credit: sen59

Men like women who are well-educated and who are up on current events. Even if they don’t share your points of view, they’ll respect that you at least know your stuff and that passion can be very, very sexy! Some men love dumb blondes, but any man worth having thinks smart women (like you!) are far more worthwhile.

These are just a few reasons to educate yourself and get out there and vote in this election! Do you vote? Why or why not? If you’re not old enough yet, will you vote? Please let me know!

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