7 Reasons Moms Rock ...


7 Reasons Moms Rock ...
7 Reasons Moms Rock ...

I’ve noticed that lately, being a mom has meant more to the world in general, that suddenly there’s this mom-cache the rest of the populace has started to notice and celebrate. But moms have been awesome for ages, so why all of the attention and positive press now? Not that I mind, since I’m a mom, too... here are 7 reasons moms rock!

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Nothing Grosses Us out

Nothing Grosses Us out Photo Credit: b•k

We’ve been pooped on, peed on, sneezed on, thrown up on. We’ve been splattered with every flavor of baby food, had juice spilled on us, and have survived the glory and disgusting mess of childbirth. No matter how squeamish we may have been before we had children, we’re so over it now. Nothing grosses us out now. Bring it on!


We Can Function on about Ten Minutes of Sleep

Ask any new (or old) mom what she misses most and chances are, she’ll say SLEEP. But you know what? After the first few weeks, as tired as we are, moms adapt and can somehow manage to be brilliant, beautiful, and charming while getting hours of sleep that the Geneva Conventions consider to be torture. I’m not sure how we do it… but imagine… as incredibly amazing as we are on so little sleep, how unstoppable we’d be if we got MORE…


We’re Great at Improv

What do you say to a child who asks you, innocently, why that raccoon is sleeping so close to the side of the road? Or why that woman has a moustache? Or why that lady is so fat? Almost from day one, we moms have cat-like reflexes, and perfect responses for everything.


We’re Always Learning

Thanks to our children, we mothers are constantly learning new hobbies, crafts, talents, and skills. When one of our children becomes interested in something, we become experts ourselves. We whole-heartedly throw ourselves into school projects, Girl Scout badge pursuits, and lessons on instruments we wish we could have played ourselves. This makes us not only supportive of our kiddies, but really, really good Trivial Pursuit partners.


We Have Closets and Shoes You Can Raid

As our daughters get older, this is likely one of the things they admire about us most — our closets. Though, from their teenaged perspective, we know very little about anything else, we do have closets filled with shoes, bags, tops, and necklaces they can borrow…


We Know Everything

When our children are small, we moms know EVERYTHING. When they’re teenagers, we know NOTHING (and we’re really quite an embarrassment to them because of it). But as they grow out of their teenaged surliness, they come to realize they were right the first time — we moms really DO know EVERYTHING, from college apps to which shoes to wear to mortgage rates.


We Can Make Any Boo-boo Better

Moms can heal most wounds, physical or emotional, with an array of magic devices. Skinned knees need kisses, kindergarten drama needs a hug and perhaps a soft-serve from Dairy Queen, and boyfriend drama at Homecoming time needs any flavor of Ben and Jerry’s, plus the right sparkly dress, and perhaps a viewing of Enchanted. Magic!

These are only a few of the reasons moms rock, but there are literally hundreds more. Are you a mom? How do you change the world? Or do you know a mom who rocks? How is she awesome? Please let me know!

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