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9 Reasons to Call Your Mother Today ...

By Amber

Mothers are incredible people who are willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of their children. Whether your mom lives next door or across the world, it is important that you make an intentional effort to call her from time to time. Your mom wants to hear from you so take a couple minutes out of your busy schedule today and pick up the phone. If you need a little motivation, here are 9 reasons to call your mother today.

1 She Gives Good Advice

Let’s face it; while you may not want to admit it, your mother has a lot more experience you do and she often knows things that you don’t. One of the best reasons to call your mother is to get her insight and opinions on any issues you might be having. Not only will you get the help you need, but your mother will feel needed as well.

2 She Has Great Recipes

There is nothing like mom’s cooking and if you don’t want her amazing dishes to fade away over time, now is the time to master them yourself. Calling up mom for one of her amazing recipes will make your family happy and mom will be ecstatic that her recipes are being put to good use.

3 She Loves Your Kids (almost) as Much as You do

Aside from being a mom, being a grandma is a woman’s pride and joy. Don’t forget to make plenty of time for your mom to talk to your kids. Nothing will brighten her day like little voices on the other end of the phone line. Call her yourself as well to update her on what the grandkids are up to.

4 She Deserves to Be Celebrated

Birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Day—these are all reasons you should call your mother and definitely calls that you do not want to miss. Missing a special day will inevitably lead to a major guilt trip as well so make sure to mark your calendar and call your mom on her special days. She deserves it!

5 She is Always There Just to Talk

There is no shame in simply wanting to call your mother and say hello. She will love the company and will love hearing anything you have to say. Call her just to find out how she is doing and if she needs anything. She may need to talk as much as you do so you’ll be doing you both a favor.

6 She Wants to Hear Your Big News

Even though you are not a child anymore, your mother still takes pride in everything you accomplish. Share big news with her and make sure she doesn’t hear important things from a third party source. Allow her to still be one of the first people you talk to about life changes or exciting events. She may not be close by but she is still your mother and you are still her little girl.

7 She Smiles when You Call Her

Call your mother just because you know it will make her happy. You don’t have to have anything specific to address; just call to fill some time and let her know you love her and were thinking about her. Your mother has a need to feel loved just like you do and nothing will make her day a little brighter like a surprise phone call.

8 Someday You Won’t Be Able to

While it’s not something we want to think about, our mothers are not going to be around forever. Someday you will find yourself wishing you could call her and you won’t be able to. You’ll reminisce about the talks you used to have, wonder what she would have to say, and wish that she was here to talk things over with. Take advantage of the time you have her around and call her just because you can.

9 Just Because

Is it absolutely necessary to have a specific purpose in mind in order to call your mother? It’s perfectly okay to call anytime for any reason—or even for no reason at all. She’s your mother and will love to hear from you no matter what. In fact, calling her for no reason will probably make her even happier than if you called for a specific reason. Call just to say hello or I love you. Call just because she’s your mom and that little girl inside still needs her mommy every once in awhile.

These are 9 reasons to call your mother today, but there are at least a million more! What is your favorite reason to call your mom? How often do you talk to her?

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