7 Reasons I like Ubuntu ...


7 Reasons I like Ubuntu ...
7 Reasons I like Ubuntu ...

I'm not a huge fan of Windows. It has its purposes and I never had any qualms with it in the past. However, once I became used to Ubuntu, I couldn't imagine life without it! If you've never gotten the chance to try out Ubuntu, I highly recommend using it at least once. The following 7 reasons I like Ubuntu might inspire you to give this computer operating system a whirl.

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I Never Get a Message That My Computer Can't Read a New Device

No matter what external device I plug into my computer, Ubuntu knows exactly what to do with it. I don't get messages telling me that the latest software has to be downloaded in order for my new printer to be usable. I can plug in a digital camera into my computer and Ubuntu knows what type of camera it is without any new programs being downloaded. I have yet to find something that Ubuntu doesn't recognize.


It's Easy to Use

I think Ubuntu is very user friendly. It is set up in a way that is simple to understand. The icons are all straightforward and it's easy to find things. I don't find myself going in circles looking for something as simple as the 'print' button. Ubuntu is so easy to navigate, even for first time users. I can't recall ever becoming frustrated when I first used Ubuntu. I've always had a very pleasant experience with it.


Virus Programs Aren't Usually Written for Ubuntu

There are tons of viruses and trojans written for Windows operating systems. Ubuntu seems to be one of the least likely systems to become infected with some type of computer virus. I've never even added on spyware or malware to my computer that uses Ubuntu. I have yet to see any problems with my computer, no matter what web pages I visit.


It Runs a Lot Faster than Any Windows System I've Ever Had

I used to have to turn on my computer on the way to the bathroom. By the time I got back to the computer I was able to log in. I then had to wait for the login command to be accepted. Once the computer finally allowed me entry, I then had to wait for the internet to connect. When I had Ubuntu installed on my computer, all these problems went away. I would turn on my computer and within a minute and a half I was connected to the internet.


Ubuntu is Easy to Customize

There are tons of programs available for Ubuntu. The list is virtually endless. Adding and removing programs involves checking the little boxes next to the programs you wish to install and then hitting the download button. If you deal with a lot of photographs, then you'd want to check all the boxes for programs that focus on different aspects of photography. A number of games are also available. These are added and removed in the same fashion; check the box and download whichever games you want. To remove any program you simply uncheck the box and the programs will be taken off of the computer.


There is Tons of Support Available at Any Time

People who are avid users of Ubuntu are always available to help in any way possible. There's no one asking for money to assist you either. They are always sharing new programs with one another and helping out new Ubuntu users with anything they need. Since this operating system is so easy to use, I have yet to need any assistance. It's still nice to know that they are available if I do ever need them.


It's Free

I'm always up for freebies, especially when it comes to computer software. Ubuntu is completely free and so are all the updates for it. I was even able to make a back-up CD of Ubuntu to put on my desktop computer. It's nice to find something for the computer that is free. Many times the free computer programs that are able to be downloaded off of the internet aren't worth crud.

I am thoroughly impressed with Ubuntu, which is why writing these 7 reasons I like Ubuntu was so easy. I've recommended it to all my friends and family. Many of them have switched over to Ubuntu or some other form of Linux system. Have you ever tried using Ubuntu or even thought of switching to this type of operating system? Why would you consider making the switch in the first place?

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I like that I don't have to worry so much about viruses!

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