8 Reasons I Love My Life ...

I think everyone should take time to sit down at least once a month to write down all the reasons they love their life. Sometimes it’s easier to be thankful for what you have when you can see it right before you. Here are 8 reasons I love my life. Feel free to add some of your reasons in the comment section.

8. I Have a Great Group of Friends

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My list of friends might not be long, but the ones I do have are an awesome bunch. They are there when I need them for emotional support, they are always willing to lend a hand when I have a project that I need help on, and they are all genuinely nice people that I’m sure anyone could get along with.

7. I Don’t Have Any Debts

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I took care of all of my debts a few years ago. I no longer have any credit cards or outstanding loans. My car is even paid off. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I don’t owe anyone money anymore. It took me many years to get to this point. Many years. I’m glad that I was able to reach it before I became a little old lady. I don’t want to leave my kids with a bunch of outstanding debt that they have to pay on my behalf.

6. I Can Plant as Many Gardens as I Want

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Having 25 acres and being able to do with it what I want, I can garden until I’m exhausted. Flower gardens, rock gardens, herb gardens, perennial gardens, or any other type you can imagine can be planted in any number of places in my yard. Gardening is what keeps me sane during the year. I don’t know what I’d do without them all!

5. I Know What I Want

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Sure, it’s taken me nearly 40 years of my life, but I finally know what I want out of life itself. It’s a good feeling to not be wandering around aimlessly and simply living from day to day. I think it’s much easier to be happy and love your life if you know what you want to gain from living.

4. I Can Work from Home

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I absolutely love the fact that I can work from home. I’m here to take the kids to school, I get to pick them up from school and find out first-hand what they did during the day, and I’m here to help my husband with his never-ending list of projects. We work very well together and I enjoy our time in the shop. Even if we spend an hour or two simply working and not talking, the closeness is what matters most.

3. I Have Lots of Animals

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I’ve always been surrounded by animals. Growing up we had chickens, rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters, geese, goats, ducks, turkeys, guineas, quail, ferrets, and the occasional pet mouse. Today I still have animals to entertain me, to love, and to keep me company when I’m outdoors. I enjoy giving them all treats and watch them get excited in their own little way.

2. I Live in the Woods

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I can’t think of anyone who dislikes living in the woods, unless they were forced to move to the country. I chose to live in the country and enjoy every minute of it. There are so many things that I can do out here that I couldn’t do in the city limits. It’s definitely nicer not having neighbors peering in the windows. I can walk outside in my jammies and not worry about what the neighbors might think.

1. I Have a Wonderful Family

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Of course, my family is what I love the most about my life. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Great kids, fantastic husband, and wonderful relatives. Like all families, they’ve had their moments, but then don’t we all? I still love them all and every little quirk each one has.

I hope these 8 reasons I love my life inspire you to think up your own list. Write down anything you think of that is the reason you love your life. Maybe you could keep an ongoing list as well. What are a couple of reasons that you can think of right away?

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