7 Fun Reasons Why I Would Love to Be the First Lady ...


7 Fun Reasons Why I Would Love to Be the First Lady ...
7 Fun Reasons Why I Would Love to Be the First Lady ...

The First Lady of the United States is an important role. At the very basic level it is the wife of the current President but it is also an opportunity to do things for the country that one would never have had to the chance to do. On a more lighthearted note, one can think of a few entirely selfish perquisites about being First Lady. Here are 7 fun reasons why I would love to be First Lady.

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Redecorating the White House

Ever since Jackie Kennedy made this activity famous, it has always seemed like a fun thing to do. In real life how many get to live in a fabulous mansion when they get a new job and better still get a chance to redecorate. That’s one perk about being the First Lady that I would love to explore.


Traveling on Air Force One

The First Lady does not have to go to the airport, find a trolley for her luggage, stand in long queues and then squeeze herself in a tiny little Economy class seat. No, she gets to travel in style on the President’s jet – Air Force One where the entire plane is renovated to provide among other things private seating and sleeping spaces for the power couple.


Your Husband Works from Home

How a cool is it that your husband doesn’t have a long commute to work? He just has to walk around the corner and he’s in the Oval Office. You don’t have to wait for him to drive back through rush hour traffic to make dinnertime. However you may lose him to an international crisis or two.


Visiting Exotic Places

As part of her duties as the President’s wife, the First Lady gets the chance to visit some of the most exotic countries in the world. From the Far East, to Africa, to Europe and South America, this is one opportunity to see the world like never before.


Wearing Fancy Clothes

Of course the First Lady of the United States should be well dressed and preferably fashionable at all times. She has to attend numerous state and official functions where she has to be sharply attired. Not to mention, the hordes of glittering dinners and other gala events that require more upscale gowns and jewelry.


Eating Fantastic Food

When you become First Lady, you know that for the next four years at least you have your own private chef whose sole purpose is to prepare food that suits your palette. You don’t have to get your hands dirty by cooking in the kitchen, you have someone to take care of all that for you.


Help around the House

Finally no one wants to live in a mansion and have to do all the cleaning and maintaining yourself. Fortunately the First Lady does not have to. She has a team of housekeepers to ensure the residence looks as neat and tidy as it should.

After looking at the reasons provided above, being First Lady seems like a total riot. If only that 2 year long campaign wasn’t required to seal the deal.

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Mmm.. the most special lady in the country. That's a great feeling to be her. =)

be a first-lady bring much risk.. :-)

What if a woman became President, and a man VP? Would that make him the first-man?

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