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Not too long ago, I read a blog full of reasons not to be married. Of course, on my own blog, I wrote a similar one. However, I believe marriage is a blessing, as long as you treat it as one. October 24, 2010 will make 7 years that I have been married. I got married when I was 18 and I do not regret one second of it. The years that we have been together have been a good experience and I look forward to spending many more years – my whole life – with my husband. Below, I am going to give you 7 things to love about being married …

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Someone to Talk to

Someone to Talk to Photo Credit: traumlichtfabrik aka Eddi

When you are married, you will always have someone there to talk to. When you had a crappy day at work and you need someone to tell your problems to, then your spouse is there for you to speak with. Surely, in a good marriage, your spouse will listen to your problems and give advice when you seek it.




When you are in a good marriage, then the sex is going to be good. It is also good to have one sex partner and knowing that you can trust your partner and know who he or she has been with. Take note that if the spouse has another sex partner, this obviously is not classified as being a good marriage.



Happiness Photo Credit: kia's r kid

When you’re in a good marriage, you are going to have happiness. Need I say more about this? It’s really great waking up, looking next to you and see your partner smiling back (or still snoring) at you.


Learn from Each Other

When you are married, you will combine your knowledge together. He may know about electronics and if you are willing to learn about electronics and computers, then he will teach you. You may know about planting flowers and have a real green thumb and if he is willing to learn, then you will teach him.


You Go through the World Together

You Go through the World Together Photo Credit: Larry He

When you are married, the two of you will become one and go through the world together. You will have someone by your side to help fight those obstacles that come with life.



Companionship is one of the best things. When you are married, the two of you are going to share a lot of happy memories together. Happy memories with married life is going to start right after you say your vows.


The Love

The Love Photo Credit: xdesx

The love in a marriage is strong. This is the type of love that you have waited your whole life to experience. If you have a good marriage, then this is a love like no other.

Those are 7 things to love about being married. There are so many things that I love about being married that it would take me a lifetime to list them all as new things keep popping up. So, if you’re married, what do you like about being married? Why do you like that?

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People should really stop hating on your blog ! I'm 14 years old and everytime I see that you wrote a new article, it makes me happy cause you're a good writter and everything you write about your mariage should give people hope that true love exist and it doesn't matter at what age you get married or have kids ! If Lisa doesn't like your articles than why bother reading them?

Congratulations Mel!

This is my first time on this site, and i've read a lot of melanies posts. I really enjoy them. I particularly like this one. Because, I am about to get married myself. I can't wait, and I like seeing other people happy about their marriage. I'm sorry people are giving you trouble about that. One reason, they don't like hearing that other people are happy in a healthy relationship because maybe theirs failed. Or, they just simply really enjoy starting debates. I'm happy you are confident and happy in your marriage that you can write things to people that may like to read things like this blog. Good luck in your marriage, and keep posting.

I loved this blog. I am seventeen and I completely disagree with Lisa and Jane. I think it is really fantastic that you are still happy in your marriage since 50% of marriages end in divorce. It fills me with hope and I'm really excited to have that as well. It makes me happy to hear that you don't regret getting married so young. It just shows that not every young married couple will be a statistic. I would brag about it too. I would be shouting it from the top of a mountain and if nobody wants to hear it...that's okay. They don't have to listen. The same goes for your blog. It's YOUR blog. I am very happy that you are continuing because I love hearing about it.

Hi Melanie, This is the first article I read on your blog and I really don't know how I ended up here LOL but I'm glad I did. I'm so happy you have written artices as positive about marriage like this one. Also I'm glad your marriage is doing very well :) I myself am 21 and planning my wedding! This blog just made my day really. Hope to read from you soon :)

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