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When you are with your partner and it’s raining out or for some reason you’re not able to go out, if you have a computer, I never want to hear that you are bored again! The truth is that there is so much to do online. You will be surprised with all the activities there really is. You have everything from movies and beyond on the Internet. Right now, I am going to give you 7 things couples can do online together.

7. Create a Webpage

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I am not talking about the type of webpage I mentioned in my last blog similar to this. I am talking about a webpage that is created by the two of you. For example, my husband and I are working on a gaming webpage – I handle the writing side of it. Later, we are going to work on a reptile page where we will tell about various reptiles and tell how to take care of them. Two minds are better than one!

6. Play a Game Together

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There are so many online games out there today. There’s not just World of Warcraft. You also have Lord of the Rings, which is free. There are many MMO’s that are free today. Just search for free MMO’s.

5. Share a Journal

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The two of you could share a journal together. I enjoy doing this online with my husband. If your partner would like to do this, then go for it!

4. Learn New Things about One Another

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There are many quizzes out there that you and your partner can do together. For example, there’s “100 questions about your loved one” that you could take part in. This will give you the chance to get to know one another. There are tons of quizzes online.

3. Do Karaoke Together

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When I was in highschool, I enjoyed going in this chatroom that had karaoke. I enjoyed singing. Sure, I didn’t know anyone, but I always got good compliments. You and your partner could do this online, if the two of you enjoy doing karaoke.

2. Read a Book Together

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Ever heard of eBooks? They’re popular today and they are great online! I’m not sure if you could get your guy to read Twilight, but it’s worth a try!

1. Send Flowers

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There are many sites online that you could use in order to send flowers. All you do is select the delivery date, the type of flowers you want, the address to send them to and put in your billing information. It’s as easy as that and we owe it all to the Internet!

Those are 7 things couples could do online together. Apart from it all, the two of you may also enjoy downloading and listening to your favorite songs. Perhaps you could even find new music by doing this. Never again will the two of you be bored when you are stuck in the house with “nothing to do.” So, what are some of your unique things that you enjoy doing online? Are they something a couple could do together?

Top image source: thewendywong.tumblr.com

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